Customer support – white papers

Customer Experience Services Review

CX-strategies for Modern Fintech Companies

Customer Experience Best Practices for International Travel and Hospitality Companies 

Navigating inflationary pressure with wise CX outsourcing

Technological and management trends shaping the future of Customer Experience

E-commerce customer experience evolution: from chatbots to AI-driven consultants

Changing Your Customer Experience Provider: why, when, and how?

How should customer support interact with sales, product, and marketing teams

How to use CX, contact centers, and back-of-house automation to grow your business in 2022

A Guide to customer experience for retail

A guide to the contact center of the future

What is the best CX outsourcing strategy: single or multi-sourcing?

Content moderation – white papers

Trust and Safety Services Review 2024

Inventing new Trust & Safety Approaches for the Metaverse

Content Moderation: how to achieve scale and affordability – Part 1

Content moderation: how to achieve scale and affordability – Part 2

The 10 necessities of a moderation
outsourcing partner

A guide on how to deal with regulations on content moderation

Are wellness and resilience vital for trust and safety?

Digital transformation white papers

How to (finally) make hiring more effective

Realign your business priorities with the help of automation

Robotic process automation (RPA)

The rise of chatbots and what it means for CX

A guide to RPA as a
cost efficiency approach

How much time and money you can save with chatbots

BPO related – white papers

Which BPO provider is your fit: Right-size Specialist or Large Generalist?

Building a contact center in 2022

Work from anywhere

A guide on when to return employees to physical work locations

How to identify true expertise

How to deal with conflict and disruption in global teams

The hospitality industry is
about to surge back

Davao vs. Manila – the new outsourcing destination

APAC global expansion guide

Expanding to

Right-shoring vs. offshoring: a guide to the benefits of each approach

The pillars of global collaboration

Coronavirus pandemic: how to translate to work-from-home and maintain business continuity

How to – rapid scale hiring

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