Outsourcing for the Gaming Industry

Billions play games, while Conectys helps preserve a superior player experience and a safe gaming environment at every level.
Gaming Industry

Conectys is a trusted outsourcing partner for gaming companies, providing comprehensive services related to Customer Experience (CX) and Trust &Safety

We support global gaming organisations in cultivating exceptional player engagement, driving loyalty, and achieving sustainable growth in the ever-evolving gaming landscape. With our extensive gaming industry expertise, we offer elite digital-first customer and technical support for your players, as well as Trust & Safety services for the in-game environment. 

What we offer to our clients

Players & Technical Support

Hyper-personalised, digital-first & multi-channel 24/7 CX services in 35+ languages. With us your players receive top-notch assistance at each stage of their gaming journey. 

Trust & Safety services 

Monitoring, screening, and removing inappropriate user-generated content during the gaming experience. Create a friendly space for your players!