Outsourcing for Banking and Financial Technology – Fintech – Industries

We do the safety and compliance work. You disrupt the fiscal sector.

Outsourcing Customer Support for Banking and Financial Technology -Fintech- Industry

In general, the BFSI – Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance – sector needs to do two things at the same time. First, they must keep up with regulations, while at the same time, they must offer new digital and modern products and services. Regulations, paradoxically, can be the main disruptors.


What we offer to fintech clients

  • Exceptional customer support and service

  • Customer experience digital solutions

  • Back-office automation

  • Content moderation of forums and social networks

Our approach to financial customers

We know you want to fundamentally disrupt a major industry segment. That requires big vision. You provide the big vision, we’ll co-strategize and co-create around that vision, and we’ll handle the details, automations, and amazing your customers with support and care. We’re your partner in changing the entire financial game.

Strategy: We don’t want you to hire an order-taker. You deserve a partner. Metric-wise, we utilize Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys with our gaming clients, which help measure player impressions and track whether they are happy with the company and game. This also produces highly actionable insight that can boost customer service, tech support, and game development as well.

Flexibility: Scale up and scale down agent work depending on seasonal demand and other needs.

The “Goldilocks” Formula: We are large enough to be a safe choice but nimble enough to be entrepreneurial – and you always have access to our top decision-makers as well.