Trust and safety consulting services

Conectys creates a safe digital environment, where end-users are free from harassment in any type of online community. Protect your brand from evolving regulations and users from any digital harm. We understand each region’s regulatory landscape and can guide them on best practices.

What is Trust and Safety?

Many thought of “trust and safety” as a mix of “geographic regulations consulting” and “content moderation.” Now when brands speak of Trust and Safety, they are seeking a partner who can both protect the brand, guide it on localized best practices, help scale, and protect users from harm and fraud.

Trust and Safety Outsourcing

Why is Trust and Safety important for your brand?

A lack of Trust and Safety best practices can cause you to lose users. Without fully understanding the regulatory environment around content posting or user data in the country you operate, it can end up in significant financial and reputation trouble. And if your communities online aren’t safe for users, they navigate away.

The difference between Trust and Safety, and Content Moderation

Content moderation is a subset of the “Trust and Safety” operations. Trust and Safety are about defining the right content moderation policies, understanding the regulatory and cultural intricacies, selecting the best technology for user-generated content moderation, performance management, and KPIs definition, and most importantly, instilling resilience and wellbeing into the moderation teams.

Conectys Trust and Safety Services

Content moderation services

  • Content Relevance and tagging
  • Objectionable/illegal content moderation
  • Social Media reputation & risk management
  • Content annotation and labeling
  • Quality assurance
  • Privacy violations review
  • Comunity management

Trust and safety consulting

  • Legal and compliance assurance
  • Brand and reputation protection audit
  • Trust and safety operations implementation plan
  • Technology selection
  • Content moderation policies definition

Moderator wellness programs development

  • Moderators resilience programs
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Intervention and ongoing staff support frameworks
  • Professional support

Why Conectys

Major Contender in the Trust & Safety outsourcing space by Everest

We are part of the top-15 recognised vendors globally

10+ years of experience in these operations

We provide Trust and Safety to some of the largest media and technology companies