Why Colombia Trumps Uruguay for Outsourcing

Colombia is gaining prominence as a key outsourcing destination for its thriving tech sector and strategic location for the US and Canadian markets.

Why Colombia Outshines Uruguay as an Outsourcing Destination

For companies looking to outsource CX or Trust & Safety operations, Colombia provides an edge over Uruguay in a few key areas.

Larger Talent Pool

Colombia has a significantly larger population (over 50 million) compared to Uruguay (3.5 million). This provides access to a much bigger pool of skilled professionals.

Strong English Skills

Colombia has made English proficiency a national priority. Combined with a much larger population it gives a better access to bigger talent pool.

Proximity and Travel Accessibility

Uruguay’s location presents time zone differences and longer travel times than Colombia.


The establishment of Conectys' office in Cali highlights the importance of the business process outsourcing industry as a key driver of economic growth in Colombia.

The country ranked 1st in the 2021 BPO Confidence Index by Ryan Strategic Advisory, exceeding countries such as India, South Africa, Mexico, and El Salvador, on infrastructure, talent scalability, and recruitment and staffing of Spanish and bilingual teams.