Why Colombia Trumps Dominican Republic for Outsourcing

Colombia is gaining prominence as a key outsourcing destination for its thriving tech sector and strategic location for the US and Canadian markets.

Why Colombia Outshines Dominican Republic as an Outsourcing Destination

Discover the key advantages that make Colombia a superior choice over the Dominican Republic for customer experience outsourcing.

Larger Talent Pool

Colombia boasts a significantly larger workforce, with over 600,000 call center professionals, compared to the Dominican Republic's smaller talent pool. This vast difference allows for greater scalability and specialization in Colombia.

Advanced Technological Infrastructure

Colombia offers excellent technology, utilities, and telephony infrastructure supporting both on-site and work-from-home services. While the Dominican Republic has made strides, Colombia's more robust infrastructure ensures higher reliability and service quality.

Superior Cultural Affinity

Colombia's workforce demonstrates a stronger cultural affinity with North American markets. Many Colombian CX agents have spent considerable time in the United States, refining their English skills and developing a deep understanding of Western business practices and cultural nuances.


The establishment of Conectys' office in Cali highlights the importance of the business process outsourcing industry as a key driver of economic growth in Colombia.

The country ranked 1st in the 2021 BPO Confidence Index by Ryan Strategic Advisory, exceeding countries such as India, South Africa, Mexico, and El Salvador, on infrastructure, talent scalability, and recruitment and staffing of Spanish and bilingual teams.