BPO outsourcing hub in turkey

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BPO outsourcing hub in Turkey

Conectys operates two call centers in Turkey, with currently just under 600 seats, and plans to reach 700+ agents by the end of 2021. We service clients in the Middle East and all over Europe from our Turkish-based call centers.

FCR 80%
NPS 70
100% WfH
BPO outsourcing in Turkey

We service clients in over 35 languages from our locations in Romania, Belgium, Philippines, United States, Poland, Turkey, Portugal, and Taipei as well as through a robust Work from Home (WfH) team.

BPO outsourcing in Turkey

We speak English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Russian, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and more – all for seamless communication across cultures.

The advantages of Turkish call centers

Educated Population

Nearly a quarter of the population has a bachelors degree or higher (there are 58 universities in Istanbul alone) and the literacy rate is over 99.8%

Language fluency

85% of the Turkish population has C-Level language skills or better. Primarily we cover English, German, Arabic, French, Dutch, and Russian-Bulgarian from the Turkey call centers, but we can cover Romanian, Spanish, Italian, Kurdish, and more.

24/7 operations

All Conectys call centers are 24/7 to service client needs.

Self-confident society

Turkish applicants typically have a robust “Can Do!” attitude.

Employment-friendly legislation

The regulatory environment in numerous countries can change by the year; Turkey has long been employer- and productivity-friendly.

Abundant high-speed internet

This allows some agents (based on client need and scope) to work from home, which was vital during the COVID pandemic.

Employee retention Turkey call centers

48% Agents that worked in Turkey call centers 24+ months

Why Conectys?

Digital-first thinking

Chatbots, Robotic Process Automation, bespoke/custom AI solutions and a proprietary CRM. How can technology make things better, faster, and safer for EVERYONE?

Consultative partner

We regularly co-create strategies with clients and inform product/sales decisions.

Global Outsourcing Partner

13 locations, 35+ languages, WFH agents, and 24/7 availability.


Pricing models, staffing models (up/down seasonal demand), training approaches, and more.

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