Outsourcing for the social media industry

Keep users across your social media platforms, engaged and safe

Our approach to customer support and content moderation for the Social Media Industry

Social media drives so much of what we think, believe, consume, and buy – basically every tenet of modern existence at some level. Those social media platforms have a tremendous responsibility to society: they need to create safe places for all users, without making the experience so restrictive that user engagement drops due to slow moderation times. If it takes hours for someone to see their posts live, they will leave the platform. Conversely, if the post is up in seconds and all comments are hateful and harassing, they will also leave. The key intersection is speed and security.

That’s where Conectys comes in.

We’ve worked with big social media brands, in fact, we’ve worked with some of the biggest on the planet.

Goldilocks Effect
We’re big enough to help you scale operations globally, but we’re small enough where you still get immediate access to our executives and strategists.

We deliver
We’ve been doing this since 2004, and we have a Net Promoter Score in the 90s - in an industry where the average hovers around 36. We hit numbers and deliver on SLAs for our clients. We do what we say and say what we do.

Consultative, strategic
Our moderators become your front lines of defense, meaning they know end-users really well. We empower our agent moderators to bring information and context about end-users to meetings that can inform future decisions on strategy, platform positioning, product, marketing, ad sales, and more.

Whatever we see, you see. Whatever reports you need, however, customized, we deliver those exact reports.

What we offer to our clients

Global, multilingual, accurate platform moderation, 24/7 365

Audio, video, text and image moderation capabilities