The wellness and resilience of Conectys Employees matters

Here at Conectys we constantly ask the question:

“How can we work together to ensure the mental health and well-being of our employees?”

Why do we care about mental health of the employees?

While tons of global brands seek out to help create safe and helpful online communities through user generated content moderation support of all kinds, they miss the point, that people, who moderate content also need protection.
At Conectys we take the full responsibility of the mental security and wellness of our moderators. How do we do that? In a nutshell, it all comes back to training, support, and care.

Conectys approach to protecting content moderators

There are a few core tenets to how we approach wellbeing and mental health within Trust & Safety and front-line customer experience work. We run these programs from the beginning of launching a new site/account, and we continuously improve and customize them through the life of the project.