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Upscale CX with AI

At Conectys we blend Human Intelligence and AI technology to transform your Customer Experience and enhance the quality of your service delivery

Enhance your outsourced CX operations with AI implementation

Moving your business towards a Digital-First ecosystem streamlines your customer experience (CX). This allows you to automate tasks and full processes across platforms to assist your agents in real-time, to create intelligent chatbots and provide advanced analytics and insights that redefine business decision making. AI-automation boosts your company’s efficiency and eliminates human error to deliver a transformative experience.

Effortless CX. Redefined

The critical objective of digitally upscaling your business is to simplify your operations, facilitating your customers’ access to your services and products and cutting unnecessary costs. Below are some of the most used AI-solutions applied to clients’ CX processes by Conectys:

Intelligent chatbots

New-generation chatbots can answer complex customers’ questions, leveraging your proprietary knowledge base content integrated with our generative AI powered CRM for human-like conversations.

Automated ticket classification & smart message routing

Our AI’s automatic context recognition reads your customers’ tickets to streamline processes. That boosts your speed of answer with our AI classifier that auto-directs customer messages to the right queues/ service specialist.

Real-time agent assistance

An AI assistant that helps agents to craft personalized responses and increase productivity with 30 to 50%.

Quality Lifecycle Automation

Enables deeper insights of the key themes in customer feedback, instantly evaluating 100% of your customer’s cases vs the traditional sampling mechanism.

Automated translations

Have agents resolve queries in over 100 languages, with automated language interpretation and resolution, reducing cost of language with over 60%.

Insightful Decision Making

Leverage frontline agent data, customer journey data, quality assurance, supplier data, and marketing data, all consolidated to give your business a 365 view of what impacts retention and customer acquisition.

Status Updates and Notifications

Inform customers and reduce their efforts while removing pressure from the call Centre with automated customer notifications for order confirmation, estimated delivery time and status updates.

Returns and Refunds

Automate returns and refund processes by verifying returned items, updating inventory, and processing refunds or replacements according to predefined rules.

Invoice Generation and Billing

Streamline billing with automated invoices matched with delivery records and sent to customers.

Inventory Management

Automatically monitors inventory and reorders products to secure your stocks’ continuity.

Compliance and Reporting

Automate compliance reports, performance metrics, and analytics to identify trends, make informed decisions, and optimize processes.

Measurable CX Outcomes

Decrease in average handling time


Response time reduction


Multilingual operations cost reduction


Compliance with regulatory requirements


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