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Conectys is a trusted BPO-partner in the following industries:

Our core business is allowing multilingual people to be successful in servicing our customers by equipping them with the right processes and by enabling them with the right tools.

Fintech Industry

The Financial and Banking industries are some of the most dynamic industries, driven by changing markets, morphing regulatory frameworks, and a relentless drive to reinvent and optimize. Core business focus is the mantra, pushing outsourcing to the top of the agenda.

The challenge isn’t deciding whether to outsource or not it is to find the right partner who can blend people, processes, and technology tailored to your exact needs.

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ISP and Telecom Industry

Technology and Communication are a fundamental part of our lives; thus, the High Tech and Telecommunications industries are on a constant quest to innovate and improve the quality of life of billions of humans on the planet. Supporting and managing the complexity triggered by these constant changes cannot always be entirely handled in-house. This is where Conectys comes in with broad language coverage and 24/7 availability, we provide multilingual technology and communications specialists including customer experience solutions and moderation services.

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Social Media Industry

The key intersection for social media moderation is speed and security. If it takes hours for someone to see their posts live and watch their friends interact with them, they’ll leave the platform. Alternatively, if the post is up in seconds and it’s offensive or all the comments are harassing, they’ll also leave. Conectys strikes the balance by providing security to social media platforms but does so with a focus on user satisfaction, i.e. speed.

We moderate text, video, audio, forums, and in-app at scale. We’ve worked with some of the biggest social brands on the planet and recently grew headcount by 135% (over 2,000 moderators all-in) in just eight months. Social media moderation has received tremendous attention (and rightfully so) in the last few years, and we’re proud of all our client relationships in this space.

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Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Industry

Conectys has specific experience recruiting patients for phase-three clinical trials, customer service and technical support for medical equipment, and support for online sales of medical devices. The Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries are facing growing pressure from the government and insurers to keep healthcare and drug costs under control. The regulatory framework, especially in the Pharmaceutical industry, is becoming more stringent. At the same time, the demographics of the populations in the western world are driving demand for Health Care and Pharmaceutical innovation.

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Gaming Industry

Suport | Testing | Localization

If you are as passionate about supporting your gamers as you are about developing brilliant games, you have come to the right place. At Conectys, we don’t just talk gaming, we do gaming – and we support our gaming clients in over 35 languages. We connect gaming companies from all over the globe with their player communities by offering excellent outsourced gaming support – from customer service to infrastructure management to testing and localization.

With 17+ years of outsourcing experience working for some of the greatest gaming hardware manufacturers and mobile gaming providers in the world, our multilingual teams are uniquely equipped to bring you excellent support, enhanced scalability, lower costs, and improved customer loyalty. There are countless outsourcing solutions out there but only one is the perfect fit for you. Let's develop it together.

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Retail and e-Commerce Industry

Achieving customer satisfaction in today's retail and consumer products environment is proving increasingly challenging. The market has become global, requiring cost-efficient access to multilingual support staff, ideally sourced from one supplier. Products and retail experiences are now no longer standalone, they have become consumer experiences and customer support is core to that overall experience. Our staff is experienced in offering support for a wide range of consumer products, from food products to electronics, from high tech to low tech.

We support both consumers and retail outlets. We are especially strong in support of online retail properties. As we are PCI compliant, we can handle credit card information, assisting callers and site visitors in pre-sales, purchase, and post-sales experience.

We assist retail outlets with POS (Point of Sales) issues and site visitors with purchasing assistance through phone, live chat, and even co-browsing.

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Travel and Hospitality Industry

If you’re in the travel and hospitality industry, you need to keep an eye out for lots of threats to your business. Fluctuating fuel prices, new, low-cost competitors, online booking, economic instability, and increasing regulation are all factors that must be accounted for.

Transform your market-facing products and services as well as your operational models by converting customer support from a cost center into a revenue generator. Our premium-rate customer support capabilities backed by cost-efficient outsource operations allow you to explore everything from live chat and co-browsing services on your booking pages to increase conversions to “call me now buttons” on your website. We turn challenging times into great opportunities.

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