Our story in the outsourcing industry

Conectys’ 17 years of experience in the business process outsourcing industry

Who We Are

We are Conectys.We stand apart in a field of BPO providers who promise much but deliver little.​

We care about our clients and our clients care about us. We sit at the table with them, we’re committed to them and we win with them. We care enough to put our clients’ needs first.​

We are up to the challenge. Our clients aren’t seeking marginal improvements or easy answers. They face real challenges from an ever-shifting landscape of expansion and competition.​

We are Conectys and we are exceptional.​

Our Vision

By 2025, Conectys will be the multilingual outsourcing market leader, serving clients from all regions of the world in all mainstream global languages. We will achieve our 2025 vision by always remaining loyal to our core values.

What makes us stand out in the Business Process Outsourcing industry

With 14 locations around the world, we are ready to take on any challenge in regard to customer experience!


Conectys throughout the years

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