Our story in the outsourcing industry

Our mission is to make our clients successful by offering innovative combinations of multilingual people backed by proven processes and technologies at exceptional value for money.

It’s been said that great things come from humble beginnings – our story is no different.

Our origins take us back to a time before Apple launched it’s iPhone. To a time when the communication technology race was in its infancy and the need for call center outsourcing services was growing exponentially in order to cope with the demand. Websites (and everything else internet related) were a tough concept to grasp for the not-so-tech-savvy public and for the ones that were, an opportunity not always pursued with good intent. Content moderation became a demand and we were there to meet it.

We took the challenges straight on, adapting and improving along the way. What we lacked in experience, we made up for by being open-minded and enthusiastic. Clients were happy, and were even awarded (link to awards) for our prowess. Sure, things didn’t always go to plan but we made sure when they didn’t, we learned from those experiences and became better through them.

There’s a lot more to our story but a website can only tell you so much. Why not start a conversation with us so we can show you firsthand?

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The year when it all started.

Our CEO, Arnold Cobbaert, sets up Conectys with just a hand full of young and passionate people. Limited resources and other challenges did not stop them to push forward.

2005 – 2007

A growing period.

We boost our team to 94 team members and prepare to take on more.

2008 – 2010


As time passes, we relocate into a new home, implement Work from Home scheme and reach 107 employees.


The more, the better.

We manage to reach 121 amazing team members and continue to learn and adapt to the outsourcing market.


Expansion and growth on all fronts.

We reach 144 strong. Our people-centric culture gains speed. We continue to add new recruits into our ranks to bolster our call center services and content moderation needs of our customers.


More clients!

Larger offices, more eager team members amount to 215.


Global BPO, yes, we’ve done it!

We’ve gone global. Romania, Belgium, Philippines amounts to more than 370 team members now. We maintain a growing income of fun while doing this.


Reaching for the sky, aiming for the starts.

We are more than 500 members & still getting more. More happy clients, more projects to come and of course, more fun doing it.

Our story in the outsourcing industry

We amaze our clients

We impress, surprise and amaze our clients by being flexible, responsive, fast and obsessed with excellence in everything we do.

Conectys Our story in the outsourcing industry

We are lean and we are efficient

We care about efficiency because ultimately it benefits our clients, employees and shareholders. We seek efficiency through excellent people backed by innovative processes and technology.

We care about our ecological legacy

We are conscious of our impact on the environment. We care about the effects of our actions for our children’s children.

We are modest

Down-to-Earth and pragmatic.

Our story in the outsourcing industry

We communicate

Extensively, transparently and in an open and honest way with all our stakeholders.

We are fanatic optimists

There are no problems, only solutions.

We learn

From success, from failure, from colleagues, from competitors and most important, from our clients.

We are a great place to work

Where people are inspired to develop and to become the best they can be.

We have fun

Responsibility and fun are not contradictions. We are a family; our clients and our colleagues are part of our lives. We share our moments.

We love change

We fight Status Quo, the comfort of complacency and routine is our enemy.

Our story in the outsourcing industry

Our Vision: Succeeding through our clients’ success

By 2020, Conectys will be the multilingual outsourcing market leader, serving clients from all regions of the world in all mainstream global languages. We will achieve our 2020 vision by always remaining loyal to our core values.

Usually, we are humble but, sometimes merit is due.
Our story in the outsourcing industry
Our story in the outsourcing industry
We have certified greatness
We have certified greatness


Get access to the latest technologies to bridge the gap between your brand and clients. Yours, ours or a 3rd party’s – we use the best customer service tools on the market, analyse their performance and offer actionable advice on how to optimize your setup.

The secret of our flexibility lies in over 16 years of experience building and integrating our services into multiple platforms. When responsiveness and efficiency are key, we are the partner you need.

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