Multilingual Business Process Outsourcing Services

More than a vendor, a consultativea content moderationa customer experiencea digital transformation partner

Since our launch in 2004, we now deliver services from 12 sites across the globe (+WFH), operate in 35+ languages, and have over 3,000 dedicated employees. We passionately provide outsourced call centers, content moderation, and digital-first solutions to hyper-growth companies everywhere. We co-create and co-strategize with our clients, a rarity in the BPO industry, helping them create globally scalable solutions that ensure maximum brand experience and protection.

CX Outsourced customer experience and call center support for exceptional brand interaction

Customer Support Services

One of our greatest CX advantages is that we’re big enough to be a global partner for you, but still small enough to be flexible, nimble, and responsive, right up to the CEO. This allows us to be a strategic business partner. We heavily train our front-line customer experience agents to be stewards of your brand and foster collaboration with product, marketing, and sales to improve both customer experience and revenue. We help you to create an omnichannel strategy for your customer journey, encompassing multiple touchpoints and platforms.

We help grow your brand affinity, and customer lifetime value, while ensuring your end-users feel cared for. Our outsourced customer service and tech support solutions turn your call center into a profit center.

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UGC Moderation rooted in training and quality, dedicated to safety and inclusion

Our multilingual and multicultural content moderation outsourcing teams monitor your online platforms, flag, and address inappropriate content according to your brand and social safety guidelines, thus ensuring an optimal online experience for all. They help keep your brand safe while not sacrificing speed in the content moderation process. Our teams moderate millions of pieces of content each month.

Many of our clients are high-tech, high-growth, and come from a variety of industries including social media, gaming, e-commerce, and hospitality. We also provide moderators and team leads with strong training in regulatory knowledge so they can help guide clients on changes within their business.

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Content Moderation Outsourcing

DX Digital Experience services and consulting provide tools you need to scale globally

Digital Customer Experience Outsourcing

Our commitment to building digital-first solutions and tools grows every day. We help clients with cost and process optimization by developing and deploying Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Conversational AI, and Chatbots. Rather than viewing automation possibilities as a “silver bullet” for all revenue and process ills, we work with your team to see what processes make the most sense as automation possibilities, then design the right bot structure for that to happen.

Additionally, our proprietary Customer Service Software, ConectysOS provides a customizable, integrated solution to clients allowing them to manage costs and security all while delivering real-time customer insights (NPS, CSAT, CES, FCR) in an omnichannel (voice, email, messaging, conversational AI) environment. Our clients have saved over $4.5M in the last year alone when compared to those paying for similar solutions. You save money and time, and your customer experience scores increase.

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Culturally compatible multilingual services are core to our company’s ensemble

We have 6 in EMEA, 5 in APAC, 1 in the Americas – 100% global scalability

We forecast and adapt capacity to ensure up to 24/7/365 availability for your customers and users

Spread across 12 Locations, complemented by a scalable Work from Home platform

conectys team members

Global Scalability

With smart locations on three continents and robust Work from Home delivery, your business becomes truly global and cost compelling.

Amazing People

Tenured and spirited, our carefully recruited employees have the industry expertise to wow your customers and challenge the status quo in 35+ languages.

Tailored Solutions

We take a consultative, strategic approach to work with clients. Data and reporting are customized to core SLAs and KPIs, and we develop our agents to offer solutions to your sales, product, and marketing functions.

Unparalleled Processes

From Customer Journey to capacity forecasting and alignment, Quality Assurance, Training, Performance Management and business process automation your company benefits over 16 years of experience and expertise.

“Perfect team, professional approach, very satisfied”

Human Resource Executive, Automotive Manufacturing

“Conectys is an excellent partner, especially given our own rapid development and growth as a business.”

Director of Operations, Internet Service Provider

“I’m a Conectys promoter.”

CEO, Sports Monitoring Instruments

“Excellent growth for the company and evidence of building the necessary resources to accommodate that growth.”

Judge, Stevie Awards

“An excellent partner. Conectys some very high-quality individuals and have proven, on several occasions, their willingness to adapt to the changing needs of our business.”

Project Manager, Global Payments Solution Provider

I’m a Conectys promoter.

CEO, Luxury Automotive Manufacturing

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