Value your customers with our tailored

Customer experience services outsourcing

Customer Experience outsourcing services

Value your customers

With our tailored,
Customer Experience outsourcing solutions

The rise of customer experience

In the past decade, customer experience (CX) has emerged as the defining feature of brands. The biggest global companies of our current Third/Fourth Industrial Revolution got there on a mix of tremendous customer experience, the right people, and the right tech. That’s our approach at Conectys as well. We have amazing agents who are trained deeply and consistently re-trained, awarded, and engaged for being stewards of your brand. That’s the people.

We have proprietary technology in the form of ConectysOS and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)/chatbot options for customers. That’s the tech. And everything our agents and our technology does helps you to build a high-growth, scalable global brand.

What we do for clients

Some of our offerings include: 


  • Self-service
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Chat
  • Bots

Tactics and strategies

  • General customer issues 
  • Customer complaints 
  • Return merchandise 
  • Up-sell 
  • Cross-sell 
  • Brand advocacy  

We offer a holistic, integrated approach – and our agents become stewards of your brand. In our ideal partnerships, our agents notice trends and data in customer interactions, and elevate those to you to help inform decisions around product, marketing, and sales.

Enable customer communication

Customer Delight | Cost Optimization | Global Expansion | Seasonality Mgmt.

Tenured, customer-centric teams, 15+ years experience

Global coverage, 35+ Languages

Scalable up to 24/7

Flexible to seasonal demand


Award-winning mix of People, Processes & Technology


Free of Charge Call Center Platform (ConectysOS)

conectys customer service headset

What makes Conectys the right customer service outsourcing partner?

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Reduce customer effort and build stronger connections

At Conectys, we make things easier for your customers while reducing your costs.

Get access to the latest contact center technology to bridge the gap between your brand and clients. Yours, ours, or a 3rd party – we use the best technical support tools on the market, analyze their performance and offer actionable advice on how to optimize your setup.

conectys technical support screen

What makes Conectys the right technical support outsourcing partner?

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Virtual Assistant is our hugely popular live call answering service

It is the perfect solution for companies of all sizes who want to have a professional human, live switchboard service in multiple languages

Conectys‘ Virtual Assistant is available in over 20 languages. You can choose local, toll free or premium rate numbers in over 50 countries and 4000+ cities on all five continents. Optionally, we can also activate fax functionality on your numbers, allowing you to receive directly to your email. 

Packages with access to over 10 languages start as low as 89€ with one local number included.
conectys virtual assistant

What makes Conectys the right virtual assistant provider?

Let us customize a plan for you!
Customer experience services outsourcing

High Quality – Certified

Clients benefit from certified and innovative outsourced technical support solutions:

  • ITIL Foundation Certification

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified processes, providing a robust Quality Management System at all stages of the partnership

  • COPC CX aligned, for outcome centered performance management

  • Award-Winning: 10x awards in the past 6 years

The right technologies

Get access to the latest customer service technology to bridge the gap between your brand and clients.
Yours, ours or a 3rd party’s – we use the best customer service tools on the market, analyze their performance and offer actionable advice on how to optimize your setup.

The secret of our flexibility lies in over 16 years of experience building and integrating our services into multiple platforms. When responsiveness and efficiency are key, we are the partner you need.

Conectys Global BPO Provider

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