Right-size Specialist BPO vs Large Generalist. When expertise wins over size?

There are multiple factors that companies take into account, when picking a BPO vendor. One of the most crucial factors, which buyers of business process outsourcing solutions look for is “safety in size”. It often wins over agility and innovation needs at first look.

Our research reveals a much broader BPO provider segmentation landscape, than a decade back, with traditional, market-crunching companies and specialist services organisations offering ever-differentiating value propositions. With such a winning breadth of choice in terms of vendors nowadays, brands can start procuring BPO companies, which suit their needs the most.

This fact raises a logical question in front of the buyers: does the size and coverage of the BPO partner matters the most?
In this whitepaper we analyse the drivers and deterrents of working with outsourcing market leaders – the Giants of BPO. We also provide insights on a new generation of nimbler – specialist outsourcing vendors claiming a considerable slice of the market.

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