Technological and management trends shaping the future of Customer Experience

In today’s world, when consumer expectations go beyond great products, attractive prices, and compelling advertising, an exceptional CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE can make all the difference. It may be a determining factor influencing buyers’ decisions to repeat future purchases, become loyal advocates, and recommend products or services to others.

Our report provides insights into maintaining a competitive edge through enhancing the most critical aspects of business operations – technology and management strategies to unlock the more significant impact of Customer Experience.
It explores strong trends with tremendous potential while explaining how a well-crafted, efficiently managed, technologically enhanced, and regularly modernised

CX initiative can help shape consumers’ views of a company or brand across different markets, channels, and touchpoints while nurturing long-term relationships and driving sustainable business growth.
Conectys has created this document with the contribution of internationally recognised CX thought leaders and influencers, bringing fresh air into Customer Experience excellence.


  • Anna Noakes Schulze
    Head of Community Experience at TheNTWK and a founding member of the Women in CX community
  • Annette Franz
    CCXP, founder and CEO of CX Journey Inc. and an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council
  • Jeff Sheehan
    Customer Experience Management Advisor and Customer Service Consultant
  • Larry Leung
    Customer Experience Strategist, Principal and Chief Experience Officer at Transformidy, having a Canadian Leadership role at CXPA
  • Michelle Spaul
    Customer Experience Consultant, supporting businesses to grow by harnessing the power of CX Management
  • Vaishali Dialani
    Emerging Leader by CXPA in the Middle East and Senior CX Strategist at Konabos

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