E-commerce Customer Experience evolution: from chatbots to AI-driven consultants

The Customer Experience (CX) in e-commerce has continuously evolved over the past decade, with technology significantly enabling transformation. This includes using mobile solutions, automation tools, Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms and emerging new opportunities, such as the metaverse.

As technology’s capabilities continue to expand and improve, it leads to permanent changes that alter the industry landscape. On the other hand, it also raises concerns about the ability to provide high-quality customer support and positive experiences on a large scale.

Online businesses need to constantly improve their CX strategies while elevating Customer Experience quality to new heights by improving convenience, enhancing usability, and ensuring higher buyer satisfaction, to stay ahead of the competition and achieve business success.

Our white paper delves deeper into the topic by:

  • Exploring significant milestones and trends that are transforming e-commerce CX strategies globally.
  • Analysing key technologies and suggesting methodologies that allow e-commerce companies to support scale and quality assurance simultaneously.
  • Examining various directions and scenarios that could shape the future of e-commerce CX, allowing for further growth, increased competitiveness, and long-term success.

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