What is automation and how can it help your productivity.

Ultimately, an individual and a business need to be productive. Not just busy. And usually to move from “busy” — i.e., lots of task work, meetings, spreadsheets, updating — to “productive,” where you are developing new products and revenue channels and growing the business, you need some form of help.

But the first question of the equation is: How do you know that you are too busy and need some help? Some people just keep going fast and pushing themselves, even though they are mostly taking on more busywork. This leads to burnout and being burned out definitely will not make you any more productive.

Right now, we are living in a tough global business environment. There is a health pandemic that has affected millions. Teams are dispersed around the globe trying to be coordinated and productive.

Companies need to focus on priorities and be as productive, and streamlined, as possible. That means putting aside busyness. But that’s hard for companies.

This paper is about how to move your focus from “busy” to “productive” with the help of both psychology and technology — in this case, automation.

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