New Trust & Safety approach to ensure protection in the metaverse

Although embryonic, the metaverse is expanding rapidly and attracting many stakeholders worldwide. It presents opportunities for individuals, communities, businesses, and industries to interact socially, entertain, educate, advertise, sell and much more.

Metaverse is a space where individuals freely communicate, exchange content, and engage in commercial or social activities. Therefore, it is endangered by cybercrime, miscommunication, toxicity, harassment and abuse, fraud, and many more threats. For that reason, in specific cases, it is essential to create and build robust Trust & Safety (T&S) strategies tailored to the virtual world, to prevent malicious activities and efficiently protect visitors, brands and communities.

Trust & Safety is an initiative that can help you ensure security in the metaverse through various measures, policies and guidelines for acceptable behaviour, monitoring for security breaches and malicious activity, as well as addressing any incidents that may arise.

This paper examines the role and importance of Trust & Safety within the increasing metaverse landscape. It discusses integrating and balancing concepts like content moderation, freedom of expression and data protection to establish a robust virtual reality T&S framework that does not limit human voice and creativity but also protects brands and users.

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