Effective hiring process

On average, 75% of the resumes a typical high-volume job posting receives are considered unqualified.

Across 250+ hires, this adds up to hundreds of wasted hours skimming through unqualified resumes. While screening hundreds of resumes can be mind-numbing for human recruiters, it’s exactly the type of pattern matching AI (Artificial Intelligence) and another advanced tech was designed for.

Let’s say you work with multiple job boards across multiple regions, as is common. A lot of times, unfortunately, different job boards won’t directly “speak” to your back-end Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which means added manual work for recruiters and TA professionals, on top of all their interviews and scheduling. You want to save them time and aggravation by finding a simple workaround here.

What you need isn’t even fully advanced AI. It’s a bot script that will look at predefined fields from a job application and take those fields, drop them into an Excel or similar file, and move the contents of that file into the ATS. Now all the unification work of the hiring process – getting all the candidates into the same system, with similar information available – is handled in seconds by technology, which frees up the human side to actually learn more about these people.

This paper is a guide to what you need — and what you don’t — to make sure you’re getting the best people, and your talented professionals aren’t overwhelmed.

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