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Published On: December 11th, 2015|2 min read|

At Conectys, we care about traditions and we also care about people. Nurturing the younger generations carries a special meaning to us as we constantly invest in our young teams and their future. That’s why this winter we came together to give a helping hand to the St. Archdeacon Stephen Association in Bucharest, Romania. The association takes care of children with ages between 6 and 15, and guides their steps with a warm, compassionate touch.

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Our Charity Team, the wonderful Adela, Cezarina, Cristina, Veronica and Vlad, reached out to everyone at Conectys Bucharest and organised an unforgettable event– the Conectys Helping Hands Charity Fair.

From yummy cupcakes, to crunchy biscuits, exotic Brazilian sweets and savoury treats, to handcrafted holiday cards, crocheted snowflakes and wooden Christmas tree decorations, Conectysians put all their creativity energy to work and created amazing goodies to delight both heart and home.

As expected, they were swapped up in no time. Luckily enough, we managed to take a few photos before the excited crowds of Conectysians came visiting:

conectys charity fair collage

This is not the Charity Team’s first fundraising event, as Vera will tell you:

The past Charity editions were each of them a success. With the help of Alina, Adela, Gabriela and Joaquim from our Bucharest headquarters, we gained more participants each time, raising more and more donations.

Based on our previous experience, this year we went for targeted presents – we wanted to make 50 children’s biggest wishes come true for the holidays. Thus, the Helping Hands Charity Fair tool place and volunteers agreed to participate, in teams or individually, showing their mighty skills in art-crafting and cooking.

Wave after wave of Conectysians came to buy something and make a donation. The raised amount was 1,700LEI, and Conectys, knowing we wanted to cover all the children’s presents, matched the sum, which brought us to 3,400LEI. We are truly overjoyed at everyone’s generosity!

The campaign is not over yet. We will go shopping and drop in for a visit at the St. Archdeacon Stephen Association on December 15. Wish us good luck!”

Everyone at Conectys is happy to have contributed with a little money and a lot of cheer to the little ones’ winter holiday. Here’s to hoping you too have a wonderful season filled with laughter, good health and happiness!

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