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In 2012, our vision for Conectys in 2020 was, broadly, to be the recognized market leader in multilingual outsourcing services, serving customers from all regions of the world in all mainstream global languages.

Eight years ago, we broke this down into six Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • Customer Satisfaction: Continually achieve client satisfaction scores of 4+ on a 1-5 scale.
  • Recognition: Continue to receive industry analyst, award, and customer recognition.
  • Worldwide Operations: We will serve customers from centers in Europe, America, and Asia.
  • Innovation: Creation of unique service offerings and general customer-focused innovation.
  • Employee Count: 2,020+ employees by 2020.
  • Industries: We will service the top 5 global players in each industry we target.

So, how did we do eight years ago? Pretty well.

Customer Satisfaction: Win. We measure customer satisfaction through Net Promoter Score (NPS), but we’ve been able to maintain an average of 88, where anything north of 40 is considered elite for BPOs.

Recognition: Win. We’ve cultivated good relationships with analysts (which we plan to continue to improve), great relationships with customers, and had a fantastic streak of award wins.

Worldwide Operations: Win. We currently have 10 global operations centers in each region we identified in 2012, and more!

Innovation: Win. We have a full suite of customer experience solutions and moderation services, not to mention our proprietary CRM, ConectysOS.

Employee Count: Win. We are north of 2,200 employees by 2020. In fact, we’re north of 2,600 employees at the time of this announcement!

Industries: We’ll call this one “mostly a win” but we’re not fully satisfied yet. While we’re proud to have worked with several of the most dominant players in each market we’ve targeted, we haven’t achieved that magic #5. However, even during the pandemic, we added a global identity marketing leader and a global B2B reviews site to our client portfolio. We’re not done yet!

We’re extremely proud of our progress over the last eight years. We owe it all to fantastic and dedicated employees and a group of clients who consider us valuable and strategic members of their team. With a winning combination like that, we can’t lose.

We just finished putting the final touches on our 2025 goals so stay tuned for more!

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