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UGC Moderation Specialist for Global Brands
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UGC Moderation Specialist for Global Brands

At Conectys, we offer real-time comment moderation services, image moderation services and live streaming video moderation that cover social networks, blogs, apps, forums, chat-rooms, proprietary customer channels, and more. Our outsourced teams of moderators identify and remove offensive content, and keep your website, social media channels and communities safe and positive.

Outsourced user generated content moderation helps you stay on top of the online game.

Our multilingual and multicultural teams monitor your online platforms, flag and address inappropriate content according to your brand and social safety guidelines, ensuring a smooth online experience for all.

Here are some of our award-winning online moderation services.

Our moderation teams blend human analysis with advanced online moderation technologies to identify patterns that enable you to lower exposure risk and promote positive brand awareness.

By outsourcing your content moderation efforts to a specialized company, you instantly gain access to the speed, accuracy and quality of service you need to guarantee full online user protection.

We constantly research and optimize our outsourced moderation services to keep offensive posts away from official company accounts and communities. That way your brand stays strong and your community safe 24/7 and in over 35 languages.

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User Generated Content Moderation


Our social media monitoring services will boost customer sentiment by listening to and analyzing brand-related conversations, and by managing outbound posts and community engagement campaigns. This way, you are not only protected 24/7 but you also inspire your fans and customers to engage with you online.

Facebook comment moderation and Twitter moderation are just two areas we cover. Our outsourced social media teams monitor comments, conversations, images, videos and any kind of multimedia content shared, tweeted or pinned to your official accounts or brand pages.

Every business needs to be where its audience is. Nowadays, that place is social media. So if you need to monitor, moderate and manage official brand or product-related social channels, our multilingual and multicultural moderation teams can help you.

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Instead of losing sleep over trolls, why not keep them away from your fans for good? The online world is full of people driven by the best intentions.

They are the ones you want to protect from trolls, bullies and naysayers. But automated spam filters alone can only help so much. For the most accurate and culturally-sensitive UGC moderation solutions, the smart mix of human touch and machine speed is of the essence.

By screening comments, posts, reviews, discussions and all other types of written online communication on your official channels, our outsourced teams of multilingual moderators guarantee consistent brand and user protection.

Comment Moderation

Websites and blogs that feature un-gated interactions with readers are always in need of professional content moderation in order to remove dangerous content and foster an atmosphere of collaboration.

Conectys moderation specialists screen user comments on dedicated brand pages and blogs to make sure they meet posting policies and address those that do not according to the established guidelines.

Outsourced comment moderation can be handled at different stages:

  • Pre-moderation – new comments are placed in a queue awaiting moderation before publication.

  • Post-moderation – comments are displayed immediately and replicated in a moderation queue for a pass/remove check at a later time.

  • Reactive moderation – inappropriate comments are flagged for removal by other users, easily scalable as the fan base grows.

Review Moderation

Our teams of outsourced moderation specialists will help you maintain a pristine reputation by ensuring the quality and authenticity of user reviews. We act upon questionable content, removing profanity, threats, prejudiced comments, hate speech, sexually explicit language, promotional material, and content that does not add value to your customers.

User Generated Content Moderation

UGC Moderation

In-Game Chat Moderation

Every minute, hundreds of messages are exchanged in in-game live chats or IM platforms. The level of prowess, cultural differences and the volatility of human nature can sometimes turn entertainment into abuse.

The teams at Conectys understand the peculiarities of gaming cultures and can monitor and moderate inappro-priate exchanges, supporting a positive, empowering online gaming experience for all users.

Forum Moderation

Forum moderation preserves a clear and structured communication, avoiding hostile or off-topic comments that derail otherwise well-established discussions.

Our teams will make sure all threads are monitored real time to meet your guidelines and policies, addressing questionable content around the clock, with a focus on multilingual and culturally-aware moderation.

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User Generated Content Moderation


A positive community is a strong community. This is especially important when visual content is involved. While the online environment will always throw you curveballs, you have a choice when it comes to the images and graphics shared by users or customers on your brand-owned media channels – to filter out questionable submissions and set the bar high for future uploads.

User Generated Content Moderation

Through constant monitoring, optimal reaction time, sound copyright knowledge, and an eye for cultural nuances, our image moderation teams guard your brand from malicious photos and images.

We also make sure submissions follow your recommendations on the file format, size, and quality. Conectys outsourced image moderation services guarantee skilled resources who can promptly master your specific policies and procedures for user image moderation.We use tech-aided human moderation for the most accurate and timely results adapted to your service levels, volume spikes, and seasonality. That way, you will never have to worry about your customer and fan base being exposed to unseemly images.

Global BPO Solutions

Conectys is an outsourcing trailblazer providing international scale to challenger brands and blue-chip companies over multiple business areas.

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We know how important it is to publish audio and video content to your channels and communities as soon as it is published. But we also know that cat videos will always be better than violence. That is why our end-to-end online audio-video moderation solutions cover all situations – from basic copyright infringement and marketing promotions to dangerous propaganda and profanity.

Our tailored outsourced audio and video moderation services fit every community and business model. As tenured UGC moderation specialists, we help companies from all industries gain a loyal following and ensure the online safety of users everywhere – your brand will be protected from questionable content around the clock and in over 35 languages.

Video Moderation

Our outsourced video moderation services combine human moderation experts with state-of-the-art technology for fast and accurate solutions at a competitive price point.

Depending on your needs, our multilingual teams of content specialists can moderate live-streaming and regular uploads by reviewing the entire length of the video according to standard or custom guidelines, from quality scales, to IPR, length, language, theme and more.

Alternatively, we can perform still-image moderation, reviewing images selected automatically from the videos via specialised tools. Coupled with user reputation scores, onboarding analysis and specific element detection software, there is no frame our video moderation teams will leave unwatched.

Audio Moderation

Inviting users to upload audio content to your platform or brand channel should be a positive experience from beginning to end. That is why our outsourced multilingual teams review, categorise and remove unethical, aggressive and IPR-infringing audio content according to your own guidelines.

We review both the content of audio files and their technical details to guarantee full compliance with general and brand-specific standards.

We adapt our knowledge and tools to your systems and processes for superior brand alignment and accuracy, and more importantly, for real value and brand protection

User Generated Content Moderation

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