User-generated content moderation outsourcing

Outsourced text, image, and audio/video moderation services

Customer reviews have a tremendous impact on your brand image. Today, users searching for products or services make their decisions based not only on the offer and prices but also on the ratings and comments. If you want to gain a competitive edge over your market rivals, choose content moderation services to handle inappropriate posts on your platforms.

What are the benefits of content moderation outsourcing?

Without user-generated content moderation, your online resources may spin out of control due to unauthorized comments posted on your website, social media, as well as various e-commerce platforms where your competitors may publish fake reviews. Such content is likely to discourage potential buyers from choosing your company, which leads to financial and prestige losses.

Content moderation solutions allow you to stay on your toes and promote positive brand awareness. Thanks to them, you are able to efficiently and effectively protect users against fake news and offensive language.

Business-wise, image moderation service outsourcing is a great way to save time you would spend on monitoring posts and comments regarding your brand. Commission the task to specialists and refine your strategy to boost your results.

Choose community moderation services and keep your audience safe!

Do you want to protect your recipients from trolls, but automated spam filters don’t do their job anymore? Invest in cutting-edge image moderation services that combine human expertise and machine efficiency.

We are a content moderation service provider that removes offensive posts, encourages users to interact, and keeps an eye on brand-related conversations, comments, images, and videos. Benefit from our expertise available in 35 languages and check out comprehensive digital solutions for enhanced CX to refine your business.

UGC moderation specialist for global brands

At Conectys, we offer real-time comment moderation services, image moderation services and live streaming video moderation that cover social networks, blogs, apps, forums, chat-rooms, proprietary customer channels, and more.

Our outsourced teams of moderators identify and remove offensive content, and keep your website, social media channels and communities safe and positive.

Outsourced user-generated content moderation helps you stay on top of the online game.

Our multilingual and multicultural teams monitor your online platforms, flag and address inappropriate content according to your brand and social safety guidelines, ensuring a smooth online experience for all.

Here are some of our award-winning online moderation services.

Our moderation teams blend human analysis with advanced online moderation technologies to identify patterns that enable you to lower exposure risk and promote positive brand awareness.

By outsourcing your content moderation efforts to a specialized company, you instantly gain access to the speed, accuracy and quality of service you need to guarantee full online user protection.

We constantly research and optimize our outsourced moderation services to keep offensive posts away from official company accounts and communities. That way your brand stays strong and your community safe – 24/7 and in over 35 languages.

Social media content moderation

Act quickly to remove dangerous comments or posts before it reaches innocent eyes and ears!

Our social media monitoring services will boost customer sentiment by listening to and analyzing brand-related conversations, and by managing outbound posts and community engagement campaigns. This way, you are not only protected 24/7 but you also inspire your fans and customers to engage with you online.

Facebook comment moderation and Twitter moderation are just two areas we cover. Our outsourced social media teams monitor comments, conversations, images, videos and any kind of multimedia content shared, tweeted or pinned to your official accounts or brand pages.

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