Social Media Content Moderation Outsourcing

Keeping your community safeengaged

Safety and speed in content moderation

Above anything else, social media companies are some of our biggest, longest-running, most-consistent clients.

They come to us predominantly for user-generated content moderation. We can moderate from 10 global locations (including the Philippines, Turkey, Poland, and Portugal), in 35+ languages, 24/7. We moderate video, audio, text, image, forums, reviews, and more. We also have a strong dedication to moderator mental health and continued training, which are elements that clients increasingly want to see.

When working with social brands, we aim to keep their end-users both secure (safe) and feeling the community is quick and responsive (engaged). We never want to sacrifice speed for safety, or security for speed, or vice versa. We work to achieve both consistently.

“Fantastic people who come to have a deep understanding of your company’s products and services, which you don’t often see from BPO and front-line agents.”

Chief Financial Officer

“It’s easy to communicate and collaborate with them, as they instantly adapt to any odd situation that arises and corrects what needs to be corrected.”

Customer Experience Manager

“Outstanding management. Outstanding operations. You don’t get lost as a client. There’s a tremendous amount of individual care.”

SVP Operations

Our approach to social media clients

Flexibility: Keep your users (and moderators) safe, but don’t slow down your platform. Users expect to see their posts immediately, but also want a community that feels welcoming. We make sure both exist simultaneously. Plus: we can easily scale up and down with agents; we’re used to it because of seasonal businesses. If you find your platform having a lot more to moderate, we can flexibly scale up.

Strategy: We see what’s happening across the platform, and you see whatever we see. We regularly advise social clients on every SLA and KPI imaginable, custom and standard, and those discussions often inform product tweaks.

Collaboration: We become part of your team, and we develop solutions based on your unique set of goals and challenges. When we solve a problem, we do it by building the solution from the bottom to the top – in collaboration with our clients.

The “Goldilocks” Formula: We are large enough to be a safe choice, but nimble enough to be entrepreneurial – and you always have access to our top decision-makers as well.

How we make your platform loved by all users