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You’re building the future. We’ll handle the present.

The world is dramatically changed by the global pandemic – consumer behavior is no exception. Online traffic jumped an average of 125% on top retail sites during 2020. Those gains are not likely to fade and seasonality is no longer the only major scale challenge for e-commerce.

As the technology behind e-commerce continues to get better, and brands continue to deploy it well, tech is no longer a differentiator. At this point, it’s about service, customer interaction, pricing, and delivery. We help you successfully scale and manage the service and customer interaction so that you can focus on other areas.

“It’s easy to communicate and collaborate with them, as they instantly adapt to any odd situation that arises and corrects what needs to be corrected.”

Customer Experience Manager

“Outstanding management. Outstanding operations. You don’t get lost as a client. There’s a tremendous amount of individual care.”

SVP Operations

“Fantastic people who come to have a deep understanding of your company’s products and services, which you don’t often see from BPO and front-line agents.”

Chief Financial Officer

Our approach to e-commerce & retail clients

Collaboration: We become part of your team, and we develop solutions based on your unique set of goals and challenges. When we solve a problem, we do it by building the solution from the bottom to the top – in collaboration with our clients.

Strategy: We don’t want you to hire an order-taker. You deserve a partner. We measure all forms of customer interactions and meticulously track their happiness with the company and product. This produces highly actionable insight that can boost customer service, support, and product development as well.

Flexibility: Scale up and scale down agent work depending on seasonal demand and other needs.

E-Commerce Expertise: We’ve been working with e-commerce & retail brands for years, and have increased our coverage (languages, hours, days of week, and more) on all engagements. We co-created new approaches to customer requests with our e-commerce & retail clients.

The “Goldilocks” Formula: We are large enough to be a safe choice but nimble enough to be entrepreneurial – and you always have access to our top decision-makers as well.

Helping e-commerce and retail companies create exceptional customer experiences

If this sounds interesting, and you’d like to talk more about e-commerce & retail customer experience and moderation, let’s talk!

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A digital-first mindset

Conectys takes a digital-first approach to every client engagement. While we start every solution build with technology at the forefront, we don’t believe that digital tools can completely replace other experiences. Rather, digital can support and enhance player experience (through speed and accuracy) and unburden live agents working on your team. We also believe a digital-first mindset is crucial to help our clients scale at lower cost. Some of the tools we deploy include:


Proprietary (and free to clients) CRM, ConectysOS

e-commerce outsourcing

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools

E-Commerce Outsourcing


e-commerce outsourcing

Digital best practice and process consulting

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Our Growth

Over 3,000 employees

12 locations (+WFH)

10 countries

Founded in 2004

35 Languages

24/7 Support

Our Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 certified

PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant

GDPR compliant

COPC OSP compliant

ISO 37500 outsourcing framework

ITIL compliant

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e-commerce outsourcing

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