Customer Experience (CX) Automation

Automated customer experience solutions including, solution design/consulting, customer voyage mapping, custom chatbots, and self-service to accelerate your growth and delight your end-users.

About our customer experience automation solutions

We believe in a mix of tech and humans; tech helps scale the customer experience effort, and humans deliver for other humans who have concerns and need a high-touch approach. Our automation solutions include:

  • Customer Journey Mapping – for a tailored design to fit your customers’ and teams’ unique needs.
  • Voice – reroute to chatbots, automated call-back strategies, and intelligent IVRs
  • Email/Trouble Tickets – automated issue identification and response suggestions for agent review and use
  • Chat – conversational and AI chatbots for self-service and agent-assisted solutions
  • Forums and Communities – automated high-engagement post identification for ticket and/or follow-up action
  • Insights – real-time SLA monitoring, reporting, and notification
  • Knowledge Base – new topics are automatically added to the knowledge base when bot/agents encounter previously unaddressed issues
  • Queue Management – identification, triage, and deployment of appropriate agents/teams to corresponding topics and needs