Digital transformation

Learn how to use your technology and data to maximize impact.


Conectys helps clients implement digital transformation projects – via best-of-breed technologies like UiPath, Microsoft, and Google – and offers insight and experience when consulting on digital transformation and reformed processes for clients.

It’s usually not a bad tech stack that harms companies; it’s that the right processes aren’t in place for digital transformation to occur. We work with you on the best processes, workflows, data models, and more to achieve actual digital transformation, as opposed to running in place for another 2-3 years.

The Problem You Need Solved

Technology and digital processes are increasing at an exponential rate. You need to know (1) what’s going on, (2) what to do next, and (3) how to cut through all the information overload and make the best three- and five-year decisions for your business. You need a digital sherpa. You need a data whisperer and a tech translator. You need a path through all the noise.

You need all that so you can:

  • Control costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease time to market
  • Maintain compliance

The biggest threat you face right now is failing to master digital transformation efforts and decision-focused data collection. You’re going fall behind your rivals in a big way as thousands of companies are already very far along on these initiatives and if you’re not, it needs to start right now. An amazing legacy product will only get you so far in the modern business ecosystem.

You need to get better at digital and data. You need a guide. We’re that guide.

How we work on digital transformation projects

We examine your processes, your tech stack, the data you’re collecting, how you’re collecting it, and the owners of these concepts within your business.

Then we get to work on a plan that:

  • Helps you collect the right data
  • Helps you to organize that data in an uniform way
  • Applies powerful models (human + tech) to the data for new insights
  • Standardizes those new insights
  • Works with senior leaders to understand the implication of these insights
  • Sets up feedback loops so that as the data is collected in the future, the reports funnel to the right people, with actionable next steps
  • Continues to train you on new tech, new processes, helping to discover new insights, and helping to resolve bottlenecks

Within a short period, we want you to be a fully-formed data and digital machine, and we only need to keep returning for process adjustments and to help solve newer problems.


Digital transformation is relevant for all industries, but especially legacy industries that have been slower to catch on to digital trends, including brick-and-mortar retail without e-commerce presence, and industrial/manufacturing.

Why Conectys?

Digital-first thinking

Chatbots, Robotic Process Automation, bespoke/custom AI solutions and a proprietary CRM. How can technology make things better, faster, and safer for EVERYONE?

Consultative partner

We regularly co-create strategies with clients and inform product/sales decisions.

Global Outsourcing Partner

13 locations, 35+ languages, WFH agents, and 24/7 availability.


Pricing models, staffing models (up/down seasonal demand), training approaches, and more.


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Silver Stevie® Award for Contact Center or Customer Service Outsourcing Provider of the Year

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