Empowering EU Citizens with the Multilingual Europe Direct Contact Centre

Discover How the European Commission Transformed Citizen Support with Innovative Multilingual Solutions

In an increasingly connected world, citizens expect quick, accurate, and personalized support from their government institutions. The European Commission recognized this need and set out to modernize the Europe Direct Contact Centre (EDCC) to better serve the diverse population of the European Union.

By partnering with Conectys and the European Service Network (ESN), the European Commission has achieved remarkable results in providing exceptional multilingual support to EU citizens. This case study explores the innovative strategies and technologies employed to:

Consistently exceed the 80% citizen satisfaction rate target
Provide communication services in 26 languages, plus Ukrainian and Russian
Scale the system to handle unexpected events and increased demand
Implement AI-assisted translation and self-service solutions
Integrate with popular messaging apps for enhanced accessibility
Through a combination of expert CX consultancy, advanced technology, and a dedicated team of multilingual professionals, the EDCC has become a shining example of how government institutions can adapt to the evolving needs of their citizens.

Discover the full story behind this transformative project and learn how your organization can apply similar strategies to improve citizen support, boost efficiency, and drive innovation. Download the complete case study now to unlock valuable insights and best practices for delivering exceptional multilingual customer experiences in the public sector.

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