Customer Experience (CX) Strategy & Consulting

At Conectys, we understand those happy customers are the most valuable customers. These loyal customers can serve as your brand advocates, ambassadors, and sales team all while buying your products. Our CX team will assess your current customer journey and determine how to enhance your customer experience.

CX strategy and consulting at Conectys includes:

There are only so many hours in a workday, and priorities can get off track. You need a way to do the most with less.

You’re looking for:

  • CX Research
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • CX Design
  • CX Strategy Development
  • Review of Both Online and Offline CX
  • Employee Experience Design
  • Customer-Driven Innovation Solutions
  • Benchmarking and Ongoing CX Measurement
  • Ability to Implement Solutions using in-house assets
  • And More…
CX Strategy & Consulting

Customer Experience (CX) Strategy

We begin with issue identification and issue categorization. For issues with lower complexity, we move to a model focused on:


Create Customer Journey Maps

Enable the entire organization to better understand customer needs and expectations and pain points.


Analyze Customer Pain Points

Use challenges and opportunities in the journey map for transforming the customer experience and comparing the costs and benefits of each.


Identify a Future State CX

Apply design thinking, rethink overall customer value,  customer engagements, and personalized services.


Understand Customers

Understand the value of your customers at all levels, including the enterprise level, specific segments, and even individual customers.


Metrics-Based Decisions

We generate insights and drive growth using intelligent data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to deliver an intelligent, data-driven customer experience.