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Published On: September 20th, 2022|Tags: |9.1 min read|

A remarkable customer experience is the cornerstone of successful brands. It is all about utilizing a third-party service provider to manage communication and interactions between the company and customers. Investing in it is a great way to optimize the operation of the entire enterprise and save precious time that can be devoted to refining your marketing strategy or developing other aspects. Also, finding a reliable customer experience is a silver bullet for improving products as well as services.

Where is the key to ideal customer experience?

A positive customer experience or a remarkable customer experience is crucial to the success of a business because a happy customer is a loyal customer who can help boost revenue. Today, customers have the power, and not the sellers.

Customers have a lot of options to choose from. Everything is accessible at their fingertips and the resources are very necessary to educate themselves and make the purchase based on their very own liking.

Making sure that customers are happy about their experiences is a must. Below are the steps on how to know that you, as a business owner, are on the right path towards your goal of giving the customers the remarkable experience that they deserve.

  • Know the reason for customer churn

Customer churn is a regular and quantifiable process or rate of change that occurs in a business over a while as existing customers are lost and new customers are added. It always happens because it is a part of the business. Just always make sure that you learn from it so you can prevent it from happening again by doing your analysis so that you can prevent a similar situation soon.

  • Ask your customers

Asking your customers about what they want in your product and their suggestion on creating a new product is always a must. Creating a forum that is shared via email surveys, social media, or community pages allows the customers to proactively offer suggestions and recommendations. Knowing what they want is a great opportunity to enhance your customer service and to make a mark on their experiences as a customer as well.

  • Analyze the customer satisfaction survey results

Using customer satisfaction surveys provides insight into your customer’s experience with your brand and product or service. It also shows how likely your customers are going to endorse your product or service to their friends, family, and peers. Following customer feedback is also a must whether it is positive or negative so that you can connect with your customers, deepen your relationship with them, and improve your retention and loyalty.

Keeping track of your customer’s experiences with your products and services is a must for a pleasurable and affordable service that you can offer. Knowing what your goal is also to create a stepping stone to achieving it. Making their experiences memorable is also a great way to keep them not only as a customer but as a friend that can be with you until the end.

How to create a remarkable customer experience?

Creating a remarkable customer experience is not a magic pill that provides instant growth. It takes time, hard work, and dedication to your customer and potential customers in the future. It is not always a situation where the team gets together in one night and one sitting, and they come up with the idea of giving their customers a remarkable experience. It’s all about creating a culture where a remarkable customer experience is possible and has to be the number one priority.

Here are the things to keep in mind to develop customer experience:

  • Never treat a potential customer better than your current customer

Always ask yourself what the customer feels when you treat your potential customer better than your current customer. Customers should always feel equal with one another. They all deserve to be treated fairly and just. Giving them the best experiences as a current one or a potential one doesn’t change their value. They are all the same that avail your products and services and they help you make your business grow. The first rule of being remarkable is always treating your customers better than your prospects. It is sad to say, but if you follow this rule alone, you will also put your business well above average.

  • Always put in mind: that it is the customer first, not the business

It determines what is remarkable and what is not. The second rule of being remarkable is defining the word itself: Read your customer’s minds. It should always be the goal of creating a remarkable customer experience. Your customers only want one thing – what they want, when they want it, and how they want it. The closer you get to giving your customer’s that one thing, the more remarkable you will become as a business owner, and you will also earn your customer’s undying loyalty in the process.

  • The meaning of being remarkable is different from each other’s point of view

This third rule is very important. It is the rule of being remarkable from different perspectives. Often the person who owns or runs the business does not have much in common with its customers. What the entrepreneur finds remarkable is not so important to its customer’s point of view. Their definitions are different from each other. Just always remember that your goal is to know your customer’s definition of remarkable, not your point of view.

Ask the right questions before starting CX transformations

Developing a remarkable customer experience is all about how you should do it. Putting your customers first is a must because they are much more valuable than your business itself. The business won’t grow and succeed without your beloved customers. It is also not just knowing how to do it on your own, but also asking yourself why you have to do it. Asking yourself these three questions is a must as an entrepreneur and as to why you have to provide your customers with a remarkable experience.

  • What do you want as an ideal experience?

Think outside of the box. Think for once that you are a customer and not an entrepreneur. Thinking like them will lead you to know what they want. Your goal is to be able to read their mind, not what you want but what they want from you.

  • How would you describe your current customer experience?

Be truthful and honest to yourself. If you know that something is lacking or wrong with your services, write it down and find solid solutions to it. In the end, it’s your customers that will be affected and your business as well. Also just bear in mind that if you are worried about the experience that you are providing, but not losing any customers, still write it down because it might not affect you yet, but soon it might do so it is important to pay attention to the little things that you might consider unimportant.

  • What are the situations in that you can have the opportunity to come into contact with your customers?

Will it happen at your bazaar? Freebie giveaway day? These are often the rarest opportunities called “touch points” where you have the opportunity to touch your customers and it is an opportunity to be remarkable. Don’t waste it and don’t prove to them that you are not. No touch point should be wasted, always prove to them that you are remarkable as what you want them to see.

When you have finished answering these three questions, it’s time to act. Be remarkable by giving your customers and potential customers the best remarkable experience that they should be experiencing because, in the end, both of you will benefit from it. Being remarkable does not only put into words but also into action. At the end of the day, it is your customers that will help you rise above all your competitors in this chaotic business industry. Just treat them right, and they will treat you better.


To sum it all up, a remarkable customer experience is a cornerstone of successful brands. They utilize a third-party service provider to manage communication and interactions between the company and customers. It is also a very great way to optimize the operation of the entire enterprise and save time that can be used in refining your marketing strategy or developing other aspects. It should also bear in mind that a remarkable customer experience is also very crucial to the success of a business because the more happy the customer was, the more chances he or she will be your loyal customer and might endorse your product or services to his or her family, friends, peers and acquaintances.

As a business owner, you should also know if you are on the right track towards your goal of giving a remarkable customer experience by knowing about the reason for customer churn, asking your customers about your services so far, and analyzing the result of your survey conducted.

Not only that but you should also know how to create a remarkable customer experience by doing steps that you know might help you to achieve your goal like treating your customers fairly and just, it’s the customers that always matters, and knowing the different point of view of the word remarkable because, in the end, it’s the customers’ opinion that matters, not you as a business owner.

Developing a remarkable customer experience is also asking yourself why you have to do such a thing, asking yourself these questions might help: what do you want as an ideal experience, how would you describe your current customer experience, and what situations can you have the opportunity to come into contact with your customers. Asking and answering these questions will also help you to do something remarkable for your potential and current customers. It is not just all about asking and answering, it’s also time to act. Act out and prove to your customers that you can provide them with a remarkable experience that they all deserve because customers always come first before anything else.

In the end, being in the business world requires not only knowing how to prioritize your business and services but also prioritizing your customers above anything else. They are the most important persons involved in your business. They are the ones that are helping you to earn money so that your business can grow over time. Giving them the best and most remarkable customer experience is not a loss on your part, instead, it’s a gain to put a little extra effort into those people who help you and are still willing to help buy and use your services so that someday, you as an entrepreneur can be something bigger than you can ever imagine.

Keeping your employees happy will also keep your clients happy, read more about it here.

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