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Published On: December 14th, 2021|Tags: |3.8 min read|

Have you implemented modern, technologically advanced solutions that are supposed to boost the user experience? Are you wondering how to measure the effectiveness of a chatbot and what to pay attention to? Keep reading today’s entry to discover seven key performance indicators that will allow you to evaluate your activities and processes.

Measuring the effectiveness of a chatbot – 7 KPIs to consider

In 2018, Forbes believed that even 85% of customer service would be handled without human input by 2021. Now, when 2022 is just around the corner, we can firmly state that chatbots are one of the most popular tools employed to refine the UX and provide users with immediate answers to the questions that are bothering them.

How effective are chatbots? Let’s take a look at key indicators that can help you make conscious business decisions.

1. The number of users

It’s natural that we measure how effective a given solution is by analyzing the total number of people who have benefited from it. If you see that very few website visitors use your chatbot, it’s a red flag informing you that the tool might not work properly.

Scrutinize all elements such as your website design, navigation, subpages, or loading time to determine what decreases users’ satisfaction. Check how many people come back to your page in a short period of time and see whether implemented changes translate into a growing number of those who engage with your chatbot. If so, it means that you’re going in the right direction and that your tool is gaining popularity among recipients.

2. The number of chat sessions

By analyzing chat sessions, you can determine your chatbot’s volume, which means the number of successful conversations your tool completes in a given period of time. Monitoring this indicator will allow you to calculate the effectiveness of the chatbot and if the number is low, it’s a sign that you should double-check components of the tool.

You may also want to check the average daily number of sessions, as this is a helpful factor representing how useful your chatbot is and how frequently people decide to choose its support.

3. Duration of the conversations

When it comes to this KPI, first you need to consider the purpose of your chatbot. If it’s designed solely to guide users to a particular subpage, then, short conversation duration is a good sign as it shows that your tool is effective and understands users’ needs. On the other hand, chatbots that are supposed to handle customer service should typically engage users for longer periods of time.

4. The completion rate

Thanks to the completion rate, you can calculate how many actions of your chatbot are performed effectively. If it’s supposed to encourage people to subscribe to the newsletter, and it guides them to the right subpage, it’s a completed goal. As you may guess, the higher the rate and the more business objectives the chatbots help you achieve, the better.

5. The response time

How quickly does your chatbot respond to users’ queries? Does it take a second or two, or do people have to wait a few minutes? The longer the response time, the worse the backend of your tool. Considering that we live in times when customers are extremely impatient, in this case, every second can make a difference and may help you gain a competitive advantage over your market rivals.

6. Schedules of your employees

Companies decide to implement smart solutions like chatbots to decrease human input and automate business processes. If you see that since the introduction of the chatbot, your employees spend less time answering users’ queries, it’s a sign that the tool does its job, as it should help you save resources in the long run.

7. Users’ satisfaction

It’s a good idea to ask users who have been “talking” with your chatbot whether they’re satisfied with the service. This can be done simply by providing a short yes-or-no question at the end of the conversation. Thanks to it, you get direct feedback, which enables measuring the effectiveness of the chatbot.

How effective are chatbots? The takeaway

Chatbots are smart solutions that can significantly streamline business processes and boost your customer experience. However, in order for this to happen, you need to make sure that they work properly. By analyzing the abovementioned indicators, you’ll quickly measure the effectiveness of your chatbot.

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