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Published On: September 16th, 2018|Tags: |3.5 min read|

You’ve probably heard about virtual assistants or maybe have even used one yourself at some point. But did you know that what the term “virtual assistant” encompasses can differ greatly depending on your role and your industry? It’s important to understand how virtual assistants can be used in the context of your business, along with all the benefits of having a virtual assistant, before deciding if it’s right for you.
When you’re working with a third-party partner, like Conectys, for process outsourcing services, getting a virtual assistant means you’ll get a live team of professionals who can help with handling your calls and related administrative tasks. This, of course, can free up your time and enable your team to focus on its core strengths instead of so many routine tasks.

But outside of this, you might not know all the other advantages of having a virtual assistant. Here are a few that are our clients’ favorites.

What are the advantages of having a virtual assistant?

Activating can be done fast!

If you’re feeling particularly swamped with calls and customer needs, you might feel like there’s no way to dig out of the chaos quickly. But thankfully, that’s not the case. When you engage a provider like Conectys, we can get most virtual assistants up and running within a few hours. We do this all the time, and it’s a great value-add for customers who find themselves in a pinch and don’t realize they need a virtual assistant until they’re in that first moment of need.

You can reach customers globally, in numerous languages.

Even if you have customers who primarily speak only one or two languages, it can be really helpful to have a multilingual virtual assistant. You never know when you might expand to new areas (and/or globally), or when a customer with a different language need will cross your path – and you don’t want a lack of fluency to stand between you. Conectys’ virtual assistant is available in 10 widely used languages currently, which gives you a lot of flexibility and accessibility in your customer support. Think about the advantage of connecting with your customers in their native language, while your in-house team can receive messages in English, readily translated by our Virtual Assistants.

There’s flexibility with scheduling, based on your budget.

Some support operations managers get nervous about using a virtual assistant because it sounds like it might be costly. But you can choose the hours and days you want to use the service, depending on what your budget allows. Need more robust help, and have some extra cash you can spend? Great – set it up around the clock, seven days a week, or even up to 24/7.

Need tickets to be created directly? Opt for an integration.

Surely you have already estimated how much precious time you would be saving for your core team with the outsourcing of the reception calls, but are you ready to take it to the next level? Imagine if the content and requests received through our Virtual Assistants could be instantly transformed into tickets for your various internal teams. The good news is that they can. If you are using ticketing platforms that allow you to route, track, report on these tickets, you have all the tools you need to support your in-house teams and boost their performance. For a one-time cost of integrating your tools with our Virtual Assistant ticketing system, you will successively benefit from having a professional Virtual Assistant encompassing multilingual call support, light cost, reporting, and insights.

The platform for growth.

Tapping into a Virtual Assistant solution with Conectys or any BPO provider helps you have a low-cost, hands-on understanding of how outsourcing works, experience the relationship synergies, and gauge your partner’s focus on what value means to you. Once trust has been established, you can confidently explore other #optimizationthroughoutsourcing opportunities with your partner, including full customer experience solutions or back-office operations.

Having a virtual assistant with Conectys solution

Interested in seeing how a virtual assistant could free up your time and help your business? Learn more here, or contact us anytime.

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