Net promoter score (NPS) Definition

What is a Net Promoter Score?

Net Promoter Score is a way to measure customer experience or customer satisfaction. You provide a 1-10 survey to customers or clients. If they score you as a 9 or 10, you consider that a “promoter.” If they score you 7 or 8, that’s “passive.” Anything 6 or below is “detractors.”

Ignore the “passives.” Take the percentage of “promoters,” and then subtract the percentage of “detractors.” That’s your NPS.

For ease of math, let’s say you get 10 responses. 5, or 50%, are promoters. 2, or 20%, are detractors. 50-20 = 30, so you’d have a 30% NPS. It’s sometimes calculated in non-percentage terms.

The NPS is essentially a measurement of how many positive experiences you’ve created vs. negative experiences, so it informs retention and acquisition strategies as a result.

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