Customer experience definition

Customer experience refers to, logically, the way a customer (or client) experiences your brand and ultimately feels about it. A poor customer experience usually has a significant amount of negative repercussions; it means that people might review your company poorly online, tell their friends and colleagues about their negative experience (the human condition is very much about negativity, unfortunately), and all this is going to lead to a reduction in recurring revenue. A good customer experience, though — or even a great one — is a key ingredient in growth. Some companies don’t want to outsource customer experience, because they think it’s too important to let someone else manage. That argument makes some sense, of course, but customer experience is also much easier to outsource from a cost perspective than lots of other business functions. The key is making sure the agents and partners you work with are trained well on your specific brand and approach to customers, especially around concepts like returning products, up-selling new products, and the like. If you work with a BPO who trains well and has good language coverage, you will be fine and be able to save money on outsourcing customer experience, while retaining control of your brand.

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