Case Backlog Definition

What is a Case Backlog?

A Case Backlog refers to the number of incoming requests that accumulate in the queue and wait to be addressed by customer support agents within a specific timeframe.

Referring to the size of the Case Backlog:

  • A high Case Backlog risks decreasing customer satisfaction and causes growing frustration, as customers expect timely resolution of their requests and may not receive it. Poor CX, insufficient resources, or unexpected situations can generate it.
  • Conversely, a very low Case Backlog can signal that few buyers are engaging in interaction, which could also cause concern and suggest a lack of interest in the company’s products or services.

Therefore, it is essential for businesses to regularly monitor their Case Backlog levels, investigate any sudden changes in the volume of customer interactions, identify the reason, and take appropriate actions to achieve improvement.

Additionally, organisations can positively impact customer perception and create a more enjoyable work environment by balancing the number of incoming requests and the resources available to address them efficiently and timely.

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