Call-back definition

What is a Call-Back service?

Call-back is an initiative that helps companies enhance Customer Experience while facilitating callers with a more convenient and beneficial service. With this option, customers can opt for an agent’s call-back instead of holding on to the busy line, for instance, at peak times. They may refer to customer service or technical support issues and requests.

  • Call-back is usually realised through the voice channel. However, depending on the communication channels available to the parties involved, it can be expanded to text or online chatting.
  • Call-back can be automated with dedicated software that can be integrated with existing phone systems.

Call-back provides a customer-centric approach and helps organisations better serve buyers. It enables the reduction of callers’ frustration and dissatisfaction and improves the perception of the brand.

For the company, call-back brings the ability to minimise the number of abandoned calls and increase the speed-to-market efficiency of its service teams.

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