Abandoned Call Rate Definition

What is the Abandoned Call Rate?

The Abandoned Call Rate (ACR) is a key performance indicator (KPI) that allows companies to evaluate the efficiency of the call centre in handling incoming calls and resolving customer issues, identify improvement areas, and apply corrective measures to drive retention and revenue.
ACR is calculated by comparing the number of calls abandoned by customers to the total number of initiated calls, indicating the proportion of callers who hang up before reaching an agent or having their concerns fixed.

The Abandoned Call Rate can be an indicator of problems such as:

  • long wait times,
  • insufficient staffing,
  • poor customer service,
  • technical problems,
  • lack of self-service options,
  • need for up-to-date tools like chatbots to address common, lower-complexity questions quickly.

Tracking the ACR and implementing appropriate remedies can improve customer satisfaction and increase retention and loyalty, leading to an enhanced client base and revenue.

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