World travel specialist achieves brand trust and scale through multilingual moderation

Achieving Brand Trust and Scale Through Multilingual Content Moderation
In this case study, discover how a world-renowned travel specialist website successfully navigated the challenges of content moderation across 12 EMEA languages. By partnering with Conectys, the client achieved single-site delivery, exceptional multilingual capabilities, and robust user data security.
Through a collaborative recruitment process, Conectys assembled a team of passionate world travelers and language experts who have moderated over 6 million online user-generated content pieces. The outsourced operations exceeded the Quality SLA of 92% by 3%, with over 80% agent productivity and a 623% staff growth.

Explore how Conectys’ tailored service offering, open communication, and joint monitoring and coaching created a friendly, supportive, and highly efficient work culture. Learn about the detailed due diligence process, governance model, optimized coaching, and automated SLA notifications that contributed to the client’s success.

After two years of operational consistency and value beyond KPIs, the client continues to trust Conectys with its brand and community. Download the full case study to uncover the strategies and solutions that enabled this travel specialist to achieve brand trust and scale through multilingual content moderation.

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