Scaling a global brand

Scaling a Global Brand: Extending Live Service Options and Boosting CSAT Globally

Discover how Conectys helped one of Fortune Magazine’s Most Admired Companies in the world elevate their customer experience to new heights. With a focus on enhancing live service options and improving customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores, Conectys has been a trusted partner in this client’s journey to deliver exceptional support across multiple markets.

In this case study, you’ll learn how Conectys:
  • Expanded the client’s customer service coverage to seven markets, including China
  • Implemented strategies to extend live service options and positively impact CSAT scores
  • Customized the client’s ZenDesk solution to streamline processes and improve efficiency
  • Achieved significant improvements in key performance indicators (KPIs) such as CSAT, NPS, and First Contact Resolution

Download the full case study to uncover the secrets behind this successful partnership and gain valuable insights into scaling a global brand while maintaining a customer-centric approach.

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