Global manufacturer of innovative gaming devices clears backlog & improves customer experience

Innovative Gaming Company Clears Backlog and Elevates Customer Experience

Discover how a global manufacturer of innovative gaming devices partnered with Conectys to overcome challenges and deliver exceptional customer support. Faced with a high backlog, inconsistent customer journeys, and a high false-positive return rate, the company needed a scalable solution to meet the demands of its growing success.

Conectys implemented a phased approach, redesigning processes, tracking customer satisfaction, and providing multilingual support in five languages. By applying data analytics, aligning capacity to volume, and creating a centralized knowledge base, Conectys effectively cleared the backlog and reduced the false-positive return rate by 70%.

Through this partnership, the gaming company was able to focus on product improvement while ensuring their customers received top-notch support. Learn how Conectys’ cost-efficient and flexible solutions, combined with a value-oriented consultancy approach, helped this innovative gaming company enhance its customer experience and maintain its position as a leader in the industry.

Download the full case study to uncover the strategies and solutions that transformed this gaming company’s customer support, enabling them to deliver consistent, efficient, and satisfying experiences to their global customer base.

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