Content moderation for review sites

Do more with less as you contain costs and boost agent efficiency.


Review sites are a huge part of today’s customer experience. Potential buyers want to do their own research — valuing reviews of products and services from other buyers — before they ever talk to a salesperson. Making that experience as seamless and helpful as possible makes a huge impact on your sales. Review sites thus need to be moderated and free of hateful and negative content that can detract from your amazing product reviews. While we sometimes think of content moderation primarily as part of the social media landscape, content moderation for review sites is also tremendously important.

The Problem You Need Solved

You need to moderate reviews on your platform while keeping these factors in mind:

  • Security of users
  • Overall user experience
  • The approach to quickly identifying negative or malicious content
  • The interplay of technology and human moderators
  • Mental health of human moderators
  • Cost containment
  • Compliance
  • Overall brand protection