Content Moderation for forums

Protect your most valuable users with a mix of technology and humans


The forums – especially in worlds like gaming, product support, sports, travel, etc. – are where some of the most valuable discussions happen on a given website. But, as forum users get passionate about topics, and get to know some of the other users, issues can arise, including personal attacks, privacy reveals, and more. Having forum rules and policies isn’t enough – it has to be moderated. Bad actors and toxic content need to be identified, removed and repeat offenders dealt with in order for forums to provide strong brand identity and user experience.

There are a number of ways to moderate forum content, including escalation, outright removal, community input, etc. When we work with clients, we’ve embraced different models, with the overall goal of keeping your user base safe, but also not sacrificing the speed of their contribution to the forum. If they never see their posts because the moderation queue is too long, they’ll navigate away from your site. But if they feel unsafe, they will as well. It’s about a balance when moderating forums.

The Problem You Need Solved

You need to moderate forums on your platform, while keeping these factors in mind:

  • Security of users
  • Speed of posts appearing (users will navigate away if their posts aren’t appearing quickly)
  • Ability to quickly remove malicious content
  • Overall user satisfaction
  • The approach to identifying negative or malicious content
  • The interplay of technology and human moderators
  • Mental health of human moderators
  • Cost containment
  • Compliance
  • Overall brand identity
Content Moderation for forums
Content Moderation for forums

How we approach content moderation for forums

Service-wise, here’s what you get with our forums content moderation approach:

  • Content relevance and tagging
  • Annotation and labeling
  • Community management
  • Removal of objectionable content
  • Removal of illegal content
  • Privacy violations reviews
  • Reputation and risk management
  • Quality assurance
  • Contextualization and localization
  • Ad support
  • Identity theft prevention
  • Consulting on platform integrity, privacy policy review, etc.

Overall, you get legal and compliance assurance, moderator well-being, and happy users. 


Content moderation for forums applies to sites that host forums, which can vary but often fall in product marketing spaces, the gaming industry, and sports fandom.

Content Moderation for forums

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