International Call Centre Services

Omni-channel, Multilingual Made-to-Measure

Go beyond customer support – offer customer delight

When customers contact you, you have a unique chance to show them exactly how important they are. Quick solutions and a friendly attitude are two ways to encourage brand trust. If you engage with your customers consistently across platforms and handle their queries professionally, you are already doing better than half of your competitors.

With Conectys, you gain access to the entire mix of international call centre solutions in over 35 languages, and ensure high touch delivery through specialised teams of multilingual customer delight specialists.

Whether your customers speak English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, Slovakian, Czech, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Greek, Turkish, Portuguese, Arabic, Romanian, Dutch, Flemish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Chinese or Japanese, our teams will connect you with them in their own language.

All our call center outsourcing solutions offer the full extent of our multilingual capabilities and over 16 years of BPO and KPO experience across top industries