Outsourced Customer Experience Services
in Romania

Outsourced call center services in Romania

The European country that will make a difference to your outsourcing plans. An East European outsourcing location is hot on the radar of value-driven and customer-oriented businesses. Romania has been steadily climbing in rankings and is currently one of the Top 10 BPO and KPO locations in Europe according to the Tholons Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations 2015.

24/7 Cost Competitive Outsourcing Solutions in over 35 Languages

Conectys has chosen Romania to offer you a unique mix of outsourced services based on local multilingual and multicultural talent, global processes, and proprietary Business Process as a Service technology. If you are looking for an outsourcing company in Eastern Europe to help accelerate your European and global expansion, look no further.

With over 17 years of experience in call center outsourcing services, Conectys is the perfect match for you.

Outsourcing call centre services Romania

Why are we the best outsourcing partner?

From our headquarters in Eastern Europe, we find the best multilingual, multicultural agents and equip them with the best processes and tools to bring you value at a competitive price.

Conectys is more than a Romanian call centre provider.

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Outsourcing call centre services Romania

Conectys is a one-stop shop:

  • 24/7, accent-free call centre support in over 35 languages

  • high scalability and cost-competitive infrastructure from 5 global locations

  • multichannel call centre solutions

  • consumer insights through real-time tracking of Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Score

  • tenured consultants who work with you to analyse and improve processes

  • a culture of collaborative, outcome focused partnerships

  • up to 60% cost reduction compared to onshore service delivery

  • award-winning European call centre solutions

call centre services Romania

Outsource your customer experience services for:

  • Lower cost – It registers a lower cost of living and labour than Western Europe.

  • Talent pool – It supplies businesses with over 300,000 highly skilled, graduates every year, 3 times more than neighbouring outsourcing destinations.

  • Multilingual: It offers a rich pool of bilingual / trilingual speakers.

  • Business continuity: It enjoys a temperate climate, without the threat of major natural disasters.

  • Technology: It’s among Top 5 European countries in telecommunication and internet infrastructure.

  • Proximity : It’s less than 3 hours away by plane from all major European hubs.



As far as industry experts are concerned but nothing makes us happier than earning the praise and respect of our clients.

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