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Published On: March 11th, 2019|2.5 min read|

For a long time outsourcing has been seen as a way to slash costs and, maybe, gain a few more customers.

But as automation and the as-a-Service economy have been marching in on the industry, buyers and providers both need to take a long, hard look at their business models.

While we do not claim to hold the keys to the castle, the way Conectys is built and the perspective on outsourcing we gained in our 11 years as a service provider have proven time and again that there is a better way of doing business than what the legacy providers have led you to believe.

1. Conectys is a smart medium-sized Business Process Outsourcing provider.

Both our capacity and hierarchy enable us to take full advantage of a nimble mix of people, processes, and technology. We attract, retain, and promote valuable teams. That is visible in the streamlined processes they have honed during their time with us, and in the choice of technology, we use today.

2. People are the soul of Conectys. We call them Conectysians but what they really are is a force to reckon with.

From our juniors to the executive and C-suite professionals, our versatile, multilingual workforce enables us as a company to take on global and truly innovative projects. For them, we invest in training and certification programs, personalized Career Paths, internal engagement initiatives, and events organized together with our customers. Automation might change market dynamics but it amounts to nothing without talented people to put it to good use.

3. Customers are partners.

Our business model does not only celebrate the people on our teams, but also those that seek our outsourcing expertise. We see customers as partners. Some of them have been with us for over 8 years. Why? Because we are a sharing culture – we communicate openly with our customers, sharing insights and data every step of the way. We believe customer obsession begins with our customers and continues to theirs. Calls, meetings, and visits to our or their site are all in a day’s work at Conectys, and we are proud to always be there for our customers, sharing their successes and their risks, always going the extra mile.

4. We judge our growth by our customers’ growth.

New projects are always good but do you know what is even better? Organic growth – when existing customers appreciate our partnership and value our activity so much that they trust us to help them reach even greater heights by broadening the scope of our collaboration. Growing our customers’ business globally, helping them expand to Europe, the Americas, or even APAC, ensuring 24/7 service delivery, and multilingual coverage in over 35 languages are all signs of a healthy, strong business relationship.

This, and so much more, is what makes Conectys different. In today’s world, it takes more than pricing to drive the business forward. Oftentimes, it is a part-planned, part-serendipitous combination of culture, talent, analytics, and vision.

Success is what you make of it. At Conectys, your success is our success.

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