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Published On: January 23rd, 2019|4.6 min read|

It’s no secret that CEOs often have a hard time handing over parts of their business to others, including third-party providers – and we completely understand. Especially if you founded the company, or have been at its helm for a while, the thought of giving up control or looping in another team to help you can be panic-inducing. How do you know if you’ve found a trustworthy business partner? Or if the business process (BP) outsourcing is right for you in the first place? It’s not always an easy decision to make, and trust is a key factor to consider as you think about it.

If you’re still considering outsourcing pros and cons, here are a few ways you can cut through your doubt and get some answers that will help you gain some trust.

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    • Request Performance Metrics

    When you’ve built your team, you have confidence in their capabilities. So when you’re thinking of outsourcing, it’s only natural to wonder if the new team you’ll be working with can meet your expectations. So as you search to find a trustworthy business partner, it’s important to find out concretely whether they can perform as well as – or better than – the team you have handling that department or task currently.

    The solution? Ask. Any qualified BP outsourcing provider, like Conectys, would be happy to share Key Performance Indicators (KPI)  and Operational Performance Indicators (OPI) with you so you can compare them against what you’re achieving now. For example, if you want to outsource customer service, ask for the provider’s Average Handle Time (AHT), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and Net Promoter scores (NPS) of a similar client. This will tell you a lot about the kind of performance you can expect.

    • Ask for Case Studies Referrals

    Testimonials are great, but they often leave you wanting more. If you’re looking to determine whether a BPO provider will make a trustworthy business partner, you need to go deeper than that. At Conectys, we have case studies readily available on our website for this very purpose. You can take your time, check out numerous real examples of work we’ve done with clients who are in your shoes. Not only will this give you a feel for the kinds of results your potential partner can get, but it will also tell you whether their prior work paints them as a trustworthy partner to their other clients.

    If you like what you see after reviewing case studies, you can still take it further. Ask the provider for a couple of customer referrals who you can actually call directly. This can be a great way to feel more comfortable with the process, and the company you end up choosing.

    • Get Full Details of the Potential Relationship

    You know you’ll save money when you engage with a BP outsourcing provider, but if you’re like many of the CEOs we work with – that’s not all you’re looking for. You want a company that will act like a partner, not a vendor, and provides value to your business even beyond an improved bottom line.

    And if you’re an Operations Manager, you might have different concerns. You may have been directed to pursue outsourcing to save costs, but not really want to, and you may worry you’ll lose your team through the process. This can make you start viewing the relationship as “us” versus “them” before the engagement even begins.

    This is why it’s important to define the context of your relationship and the scope of your work together long before you sign on any dotted lines. If you have any of these concerns, ask the provider how they’ll add value and be a true partner. They should be able to give you real examples in return. You can also request detailed information about how your working relationship might look, and whether losing your team is a possibility. If you can get to a point of trust, you’ll feel more comfortable sharing important things with your partner – like adequate data – and getting better results from the relationship overall.

    There’s a lot you can get addressed upfront, and the more you do, the more trust you can have in your partner at the onset of the engagement. Outsourcing can feel like a big leap to take, and it’s important to have trust in your BPO provider before moving forward. Also, check out our free provider selection workbook. It contains key questions you should ask a potential partner along with tips to help you gauge their compatibility with your business and more. Contact us to learn more about how we can build a trusting partnership together, and help grow your business.

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