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Published On: September 14th, 2022|Tags: |6 min read|

A company’s culture is a set of universally held fundamental values and behavior standards that serve to define a business both internally for its workforce and outwardly as part of its public image. A company is more likely to draw top talent that prioritizes shared values if its culture is more clearly defined.

What is employee engagement?

Employees who have a sense of belonging to their company put in more effort, stay longer, and inspire others to do the same. Almost every significant area of your business is impacted by employee engagement, including profitability, sales, customer experience, employee turnover, and more.

According to research, 92% of business executives think that motivated staff performs better, improving the productivity of their teams and the achievements of their companies.

Why healthy corporate culture directly influences the customer experience of the company?

As organizations engaged in business, we frequently maintain our clients at the center of everything we do. However, a firm can only succeed when both the customers and the staff are prioritized simultaneously. Customer service and corporate culture are inextricably linked, and this is true.

Being supportive of your modern workplace’s Instagram-worthy interior is just one aspect of having a good business culture. Much more than that is involved. Company culture is the result of a variety of elements, including the company’s core beliefs, management style, communication patterns, and others.

Additionally, every element of your company culture contributes in a certain way to the process of dealing with customers. Here are four key components of corporate culture and how fostering them can improve the client experience.

The ethos of your firm as a whole

An organization’s customer service issues nearly invariably point to a problem with its organizational culture. You must establish the culture of your organization from the outset if you want to address this. If you don’t cultivate a customer-centric mindset internally, it won’t just manifest externally.

In both consumer and employer branding, in a nutshell, employee branding is the company’s reputation as an employer. It involves presenting and differentiating your organization as an attractive employer to top job searchers. It takes place when the employees themselves organically and efficiently spread the good word about what is unfolding within the organization.

Nothing beats it when your employee branding complements your consumer brand. It displays a consistent representation of the brand. Additionally, it demonstrates that the business genuinely lives up to its ideals.

Excellent internal messaging

It is typical for your employees to encounter fresh obstacles each day when serving customers. Making your business sustainable depends on knowing your customers, listening to their views, and finding ways to increase customer happiness. Now internal communication plays a part. Strong internal communication allows team members who engage with customers directly to provide crucial information and suggestions for development.

Personnel Empowerment

Employees who have the chance, information, and skills to thrive personally as well as professional work in an organization that values empowerment. One of the key components of culture shaping has been this. One of the best ways to keep top talent in the workforce in the current environment, when the gig economy is expanding and job-hopping is a normal occurrence, is to give them the tools they need. Employees must have a certain amount of freedom and autonomy at work, and managers must enable it.

The level of customer service is one of the key benefits of employee empowerment.

Personnel Participation

When personnel is deeply attached to their work and the growth of the organization, they are said to be engaged. They are very likely to remain longer or put more effort to complete the task. Customer satisfaction benefits from this mentality. On the other hand, your disengaged employees won’t ever build a solid rapport with customers.

Companies that thrive on customer experience have 1.5 times more engaged employees than less customer-focused companies.


To provide the ultimate customer service, businesses utilize the potential of their workforce.

A primary business focus should be monitoring the level of employee engagement at your company, researching the factors that influence it, and putting the best methods into practice to raise it.

Conectys corporate culture and spirit

One of our core strengths is our diversity

Conectys is a Global organization with operations across 7 different countries and therefore is a diverse company by our very nature. We further champion diversity at an individual cultural level and take our diversity as one of our biggest areas of strength. We have culturally-themed events, a workplace that celebrates inclusion, and a zero-tolerance philosophy for behaviors that inhibit or are non-tolerant to cultural expression. Our approach has helped not only retain employees, but it has also become a valuable asset in our agent’s ability to connect with our client’s customers across the globe who are just as diverse as our employees!

Conectys measures Employee Satisfaction annually at a global, department, manager, and agent level. We understand our “Conectysians” are the heartbeat of our organization and we are obsessed with gathering data and it doesn’t stop there. Our whole purpose is to:

  • Give our employees opportunities to express their perception of the employee experience
  • Measure if results reflect our organization’s current reality
  • Share the results within the organizations and act with transparency
  • Reveal actionable topics for improvement

For Employee NPS we measured how likely employees would recommend Conectys to a friend with 10 being the highest. For CSAT we measured how satisfied employees are concerning 14 unique categories of factors that influence their experience in Conectys. Reporting, measuring, and analyzing Employee satisfaction helps us to be better able to keep attrition low and retain our employees which in turn helps improve our client’s ability to provide consistently high-quality service to their customers providing an ultimate win-win!

Conectys is a meritocracy with a culture of involvement, communication, respect, and responsibility. This is achieved through several employee engagement methods, including but not limited to:

  • Offering career prospects and promotion opportunities to the best performers: maintaining a clear focus on employee’s objectives and career development path.
  • Enabling employees to participate in the making of decisions: stimulate involvement by a forum for improvement recommendations, as well as ownership of or at least involvement in the implementation of the offered recommendation.
  • Providing training: Conectys believes that training is the key to an efficient and effective workforce. All Conectys employees have access to internal and external training sessions.
  • Continuous measurement and communication of quality levels.
  • Transparency of Reporting: Conectys gives employees and customers real-time, web-based access to performance results (scorecards, NPS, FCR, CES, recordings) to make sure SLAs are met and exceeded.
  • Monthly pay per performance system
  • Non-monetary incentives: employees can be awarded ‘Best Improvement of the Month” accolades or receive certificates for excellence or be featured in the company newsletter and intranet site.
  • Continued investment in employees: through training, events, etc.
  • Regular Team Building events and internal employee engagement events
  • Relaxation rooms: employees’ access to relaxation rooms, equipped with relaxation pods, gaming devices, TVs, etc
  • Environmental responsibility and CS

Ultimately as evidenced, our approach to keeping attrition low starts with the right hire and the right focus to keep agents focused and satisfied in employee development programs, engagement programs, and investing in good training and management training always in a very open-door policy environment.

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The influence of company culture on customer experience

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