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Published On: June 4th, 2018|3.4 min read|

If you asked someone years ago for an outsourcing definition, you’d probably hear something about cost reduction, capacity to meet staffing demands, and/or the implementation of necessary processes.

The takeaway was that offloading some of your business’ needs to a third party could save you money and streamline your operations. And while those aspects haven’t gone away, the role of an outsourcing provider has definitely evolved.
Instead of dividing black-and-white responsibilities between the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider and the company in need of services, there’s been a shift to a true partnership. The BPO partner that thrives today (and wins repeat business from customers) is the one that recognizes this shift and becomes the innovative partner that adds value to its customer every step of the way.

Cost Reduction → Effort Elimination & Honed Expertise

Reducing costs used to be the main reason a company might choose to outsource for the first time. And while cost reduction is still important, companies today also care about reducing excess effort and supplementing their existing team with specialized expertise.

For example, many businesses struggle with knowing whether they should automate certain processes or keep them under the care of a human being. At Conectys, one of the ways we become a real partner to our customers is by identifying areas in which automation could save them costs and other resources as well as identifying the areas that really should have the human touch.

Then we make sure they’re staffed accordingly, with the right level of talent needed to perform the ‘human jobs.’ They’ll reduce costs, but they’ll also reduce efforts and get a new level of expertise they never had before.

Capacity → Outcome

In the old BPO world, companies sought out third parties based on their capacity to fill seats. The focus was labor-intensive and almost entirely quantity-based. You’d hear a CEO say, “I need 100 people for this program” and then the BPO provider would be expected to fill that many seats. Then they’d move on.

Now, capacity isn’t enough. Companies care deeply about their outcomes and constantly measure their results and find subsequent ways to improve customer experience. They need an adequate amount of people staffed, but they also expect them to be trained and to fit the profile at hand. At Conectys, we know that First Call Resolution (FCR) scores and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) are immensely important not only to the health and longevity of your organization but to growth and expansion. So we dial in on providing you with upskilled talent, tools to monitor and measure results so the outcome of your customer’s experience will exceed their expectations.

Process → Innovation

There’s no denying every business needs the right processes in place in order to scale. So it makes sense that outsourcing providers have historically been expected to equip their customers with processes and procedures. That’s still important, but again, it’s not enough. Processes are only one part of the equation.

Once the right processes are laid down, companies need innovation. They need new ways of looking at old problems, and fresh solutions that challenge the status quo. This is another way in which our role as a true BPO partner is modernized. Sure, we get you the processes you need. But then we add amplified value by identifying gaps in your organization where innovation could go a long way. Working with us means being part of a dynamic relationship that moves the needle on your goals.

The outsourcing definition of days past isn’t gone entirely; cost reduction, capacity, and processes are still key to business growth. But the new outsourcing definition includes these things and a whole lot more. As your BPO partner, we’ll also reduce your efforts, give you expertise, improve your outcomes, and dream up new innovations that will serve you better than the status quo. That’s what being a partner is really all about. Please contact us to learn more.

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