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Published On: April 23rd, 2018|5.1 min read|

So you’re the CEO of a rapidly growing company, and it’s pretty much your baby. You’ve likely invested your time, effort, ideas, money, blood, sweat and tears into the business – and it’s paying off. But as your growth has accelerated, it’s only natural you’ve come to the same crossroads that countless other entrepreneurs have: can we grow at this rate without help, or do we need to bring someone else in?

This is where you might start to ask, “What is BPO? And do I need it?” As intimidating as it might sound to consider a business process outsourcing (BPO) partner, you might be in need of one if your demands are outweighing your resources and if your stress level is rising off the charts. The good news is that we’ve worked with many CEOs in this same boat, and have built really valuable relationships with them while helping their businesses continue to grow. If you’re thinking about outsourcing some of your business processes, here’s what you need to know.

What a Successful Relationship Looks Like

The best type of relationships we have with CEOs like you are the ones in which each of us understand the expertise of the other, and lean on it. Whenever we meet one of the CEOs we end up working with, it’s clear they’re an expert in their industry and can teach us a wealth of information about their business.

Likewise, we’ve been a top tier BPO provider for 14 years and have deep expertise in customer service, technical support, infrastructure and many other services in which we specialize. We don’t want you to give up your business or give up your areas of specialty; we want to give you efficient, cost-effective, value-added insights into the areas in which we’re immersed.

So, you remain the expert and leader of your business, and we become your support system that helps your business grow even more, even faster.

Your Concerns

Of course that’s a rosy picture of a relationship, but it’s like so many of the ones we’ve had with our CEO customers over the years. Despite that, you probably have a few questions for us, so let’s walk through those together.

   1. What value do you bring?

First of all, we bring value to your business by meeting the current needs you have. Most CEOs of quickly growing startups are looking for support in customer service, technical support or infrastructure (or some combination of the three). Our first priority will be to design a BPO engagement that covers all the success factors needed to meet your most pressing needs and ensure your business can continue scaling quickly without any hiccups.

Second, we will be your partner beyond the services we provide. We’ll give you value-added insights as we work together, whenever we see an opportunity to improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase margins and boost quality. At Conectys, we love to use data and feedback to inform these insights, and from there we make recommendations based on more data (and our years of experience). We’ve helped many customers take giant leaps in growth thanks to these insights that often aren’t even within our scopes of work.

   2. How much is this going to cost?

Costs vary based on what services you need, but the more important factor to consider is what the ROI will be from working with us. And we can prove that for you. We’re more than happy to share our case studies with you so you can see the ROI we’ve achieved for similar customers, and feel confident about how quickly we can get you to that point.

   3. Can I trust your security?

Data breaches are one of the largest threats to small and large corporations alike.  Whether it is trade secrets, personally identifying information, or other sensitive information  data security is of utmost importance to you – and for good reason. We know it can be really hard to release sensitive data to a third party and believe in their trustworthiness and technical security. At Conectys, data security is one of our chief concerns for this very reason. You can see our certifications here, but we are always investing in layers of security throughout our technology so our customers can rest assured knowing we are hard at work protecting privacy and eliminating threats.

    4. How quickly can we get going?

Quickly. Every project we take on is unique and after 14 years of expertise, go live ranges from 30 to 90 days post contract signature.  Of course rate of speed depends on complexity, service type, and delivery options however our proven experience ramping customers up without the sacrifice to quality allows us to maximize results as quickly as humanly possible. The majority of the customers we work with have urgent needs, therefore we have perfected the ability to thrive under this type of time pressure. We’ve built our company to be ready at a moment’s notice for whatever needs come our way, so you can don’t have to worry about long lead times or not being staffed in time for an important deadline or product or market rollout.

Your Role, Our Role

When we think about being invited to work alongside your company and help move you toward even greater growth, we feel honored. No one understands better than us how hard it can be for an entrepreneur to lean on outsiders for help and to gradually let go of the reins of a company you’ve worked tirelessly to build. But we want to be more than a vendor to you. Think of us as a strategic partner, who has your business’ best interests at heart just like you do.

If we lean on you for insight into your business, and you lean on us for recommendations on your outsourced services, we’ll collectively maximize the ROI of our engagement – and enjoy it all the more. We’re ready to bolster your success, and earn your trust. Contact us to learn how to get started.

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