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Published On: February 7th, 2020|Tags: |2.8 min read|

Many businesses neglect one aspect of marketing that’s integral to their development and growth which is gathering customer feedback. Customer feedback is essential in helping businesses understand what their customers are looking for, what they like, and dislike. Social media reviews, surveys, and focus groups are great ways to gather customer feedback and will aid in the success of your business.

Social Media Reviews -get to know your customer better

Social media is one of the most commonly used and easily accessible mediums for gathering customer feedback. Today, people determine whether or not to utilize a business’ services or purchase their products based on reviews, on platforms ranging from social media, such as Facebook, to popular travel review websites, such as TripAdvisor. Positive reviews are great for strengthening your brand reputation and making people enthusiastic about your brand. However, negative reviews can build a business just as much as positive reviews. The reason is, while a negative review may function as a detractor, how a business responds to those comments can turn a review into a promoter. If a prospective client sees a negative comment on your site, they may immediately look elsewhere, unless, they see a genuine and positive response from you. When clients see that you care about responding to feedback and finding solutions to their problems, they will trust that you would have the same concern for them.

How to convert detractors into promoters? Use surveys!

Despite the popularity of social media, not everyone leaves reviews on sites like Facebook or Google but their opinions are just as valuable. A great way to collect their feedback and find out what your company is doing well and what needs to improve is through the use of surveys.
Platforms such as ConectysOS, help you gather, in real-time, Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES), and First Contact Resolution (FCR) feedback that would otherwise be lost. This enables you to review your customers’ thoughts and respond to their concerns promptly making them feel valued, and allowing your business to grow and improve based on their feedback.

Just Ask

Finally, although we live in a digital age, nothing beats the face-to-face interaction with clients. A great way to gather honest client feedback is through focus groups. Focus groups allow people to try a business and give their honest opinion on what they like and dislike in an organized setting with a leader present to gather in-depth information that will be utilized to help your company grow. Only so much information can be gathered from the web but face-to-face interaction allows your clients to understand your business and for your business to understand your clients.
Of all of the options provided, the easiest way to interact and gather feedback is through social media. Nurture this valuable asset and find opportunities to improve and grow your business. If your team doesn’t have the capacity or expertise to review and respond to customer feedback properly, consider a content moderation partner. Responding consistently, timely, and appropriately turns those reviews in promoters instead of detractors.
If you’re ready to stop neglecting your customer feedback and build your business but are feeling overwhelmed by the best strategies, start developing your marketing plan today. Do not let your customer feedback gather dust and reach out to us today so you can thrive off the valuable feedback provided by your clients.

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